Monday, January 7, 2013

Overview of 2012

Well my friend Kim did an amazing post on her blog about a the year for her family and what it was like and I decided to jump on the bandwagon and doing one from here we go.

We celebrated the new year(eve) with Matt's family having our Christmas at his brother's house and it was alot of fun!
I turned 28 and....
We spent the entire month anxiously awaiting the arrival of our unborn baby and wanting so bad to find if it was a boy or girl. Matt went on a snow mobiling trip with his dad for a few days (I being huge and prego and caring for a 1 year old was not super excited about him going but wanted him to have that fun before life got busier and I am so glad that he went because he had a blast and I enjoyed my special weekend with just me and my "one" baby).

We were completly filled with love on Valentines Day when we welcomed Luke Alan Decker into the world at 5:14pm weighing 8lbs 5 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. We were so excited to have Lane's brother and our second son.

Was honastly not the best month...we had many hard times, and sad moments as we waited to find out what it was going to include to fix the problem Luke was born with (his closed metopic can read about that in my very first post "Welcome to Deckerville" if you haven't yet). We had our first appointment with his plastic surgeon and neuro surgeon and found out what he would need to have done.

Lane turned 2 years old :'( So big so big so big. and Luke was dedicated at church and celebrated his first Easter.

Luke has his ct scan and by the grace of God he did not have to be put to sleep and it went great.
Matt turned 28.

Luke had his surgery and it was the hardest time of our lives...but we came through it on top and saw God's grace, goodness, faithfulness, and love through every aspect. Lane was so well behaved and enjoying the nice weather any chance he could and our amazing nephew Cohen Anthony Wroble was brought into the world on the 10th and filled our hearts so much with happiness!!

We enjoyed the 4th of July and Luke recovered so fast we were able to start having some summer fun and we welcomed our beautiful niece Reece Elizabeth Decker into the world on the 27th. She is the sweetest and prettiest little girl we've ever known.

We were feeling great from everything we had been through and really enjoyed the nice weather and the summer...

We were excited for the season change. And had to deal with the change of Luke adjusting to his helmet on the 17th ...Luke did great and adapted wonderfully and it took us a little while but it grew to seem non normal to have it off the hour a day then to have it on the other 23 he had to wear it. He sure did wear it well:)

Lane the fire fighter and Luke his dalmation puppy :)
My hubby answered the calling on his heart to play for our churches praise and worship band and joined!! He is an amazing rockstar and plays with the most wonderfully humble heart for the Lord!

Thanksgiving was a great time of year and had a whole knew meaning of  "thanks" after the things we had seen through 2012. AND we were so THANKFUL Matt got a new amazing job and Union Pacific and was going to begin in December and I decided that after December I would be quitting my part time job as an at home hairstylist to be a full time wife and mommy.( loving every single second:)

Luke got his helmet off for good! And we were released to just come back for a 1 year post surgery appointment in June so we were really excited to spend some time away from the doctors. He had a great first Christmas and Lane made the season absolutly magical and loved every aspect.

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