Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer swimming

It's been a GREAT summer with LOTS of fun things! But my favorite has to be swimming!!! Not only because my boys are so adorable, cute, and ahem it tires them out....BUT also because it is so fun to watch them learn, grow, and excell! In the start of the summer we realized Lane could touch with out a life jacket in the shallow end....whoa! So big!
 Luke could kind of touch but his chin was still a little under the water and so we kept him with a life jacket! 
Well clearly he had a growth spurt because today he was swimming all around the shallow end with no life jacket and touching great! What a difference two months makes!
They listen SOOOO well and stay in the shallow end! Only jump off the steps and Lyric is a champ in his little raft
so surprisingly enough it IS super relaxing for me to spend an hour at the pool with my three young boys!! 

This is for sure one summer I won't ever forget!! 

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