Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beauty regimen 101

I typically do not wear high heels because I am always carrying a baby, or more recently trying to get my almost two year old to walk in by holding my hand, which is about as difficult as getting a stubborn donkey to move (trust me...I speak from recent experience on that one....and it's tough!!)

 The only opportunity I get to even wear heals (besides the occasional date night) is church...and even with that sometimes I  get so into the worship (arms raised, eyes closed, swaying) that sometimes I will lose my balance in the middle of a praise song.

I am not even kidding.  

Normally each and every Sunday and the hubs gives me several sincere compliments about how pretty I look.  

Of course I brush them off with the usual, “Oh, you have to say that – you’re my husband.”

When really on the inside....

{{Insert choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus.}}

Well today he didn't mention anything sooo of course I had to point out..."babe you didn't even say anything about my outfit today". (Did I mention I was wearing heels??) 

I pondered this for the rest of the day and the Holy Spirit spoke straight to my heart on the matter.

It wasn’t just my husband’s affirming words I sometimes brush off when He gives them...but then demand them when he doesn't. 


How many times does it say in the Bible that I am beautiful, loved, and valued by God?

But how often do I continue to seek the approval of others?  How often do I try new make-up or wear new clothes or high heels to feel beautiful?

When all along the Lord is whispering that I’m beautiful simply because I am His creation.

The world’s standard of beauty is ever-increasing.  We have to be thinner, have bigger boobs, gorgeous hair, clear skin, brilliant teeth…  And we go to all kinds of lengths to attain it.  We want other people to notice us.  It feels good to have someone tell us we are beautiful.

What happens, then, when that selfie we posted on Instagram didn’t get as many likes as we had hoped?  Or when the pregnancy weight is hanging on for dear life despite a healthy lifestyle?  Or the second wrinkles start showing up?

Instead of feeling worthless, we can make the choice to believe the words our Savior says about us.  Words that remind us about who we are and Whose we are.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

My boobs might sag a bit and my hair might cause me great stress and confusion on some days, but God sees me and delights in saying,

“I love how I made you!”

This is the message for women today.  We need to stop holding our worth out to the masses and take hold of the beauty we possess through the blood of Jesus.

We can receive His affirmations and they can be enough. 

We can still wear cute clothes and make-up, friends.  

We can still wear heels.

We can still take care of ourselves.

But we must make sure our beauty is defined by God.

And not by the ever demand of "hearing what others" think about us. 

Does it feel good to hear that someone thinks you look nice?? 

Sure it does!! 

But does that compliment or lack there of "define" you??

Not beauty is defined by God. 

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