Monday, September 25, 2017

Lyric...gluten free 

Just wanted to document that we decided yesterday (after a couple weeks of praying, researching, asking Lyrics teacher, and some trusted resources) to put him on a gluten free diet. GFCF(gluten free/casin free) diets are very beneficial to help with kids that have any sort of set backs, delays, disorders, spectrums etc. We currently aren't doing the casin part of it as we want to slowly step into just eliminating gluten to see if it helps and we have tried a few products here and there to see how he would handle the change of it. Apparently when that is removed from their diet it can improve symptoms from whatever they are going through. Like anything else... all we can do is try it and see if it helps and if it doesn't then we'll just go back to his regular way of eating. We don't feel stressed out about it because after doing lots of research and getting an app and scanning lots of barcodes in our house so many things are naturally gluten free that he eats that we use all the time and already had (such as ketchup, peanut butter, jelly, dum dum suckers, fruit snacks, Fritos, spaghetti sauce, Tostitos, white cheddar popcorn, chocolate chips, yogurt, cheese, pistachios, fruit, veggies, hot dogs, milk, apple juice, applesauce packers, yogurt pouches, butter, etc, etc!) the few things we did but for him that are gluten free musts is a different loaf of bread, different pasta noodles, different taco shells, different pancake mix, different mac and cheese, frozen pizza, and chicken nuggets! We are not going to be paranoid about the fact either if he rips like some goldfish crackers out of another kids hand or something like that and gets one because it's not like it's an allergy. We are keeping a food journal and trying it until the end of October and we are going to see how it goes!

I will have a gluten free cupcake for him for my moms birthday party here this week and will be finding a gluten free cookie to give him after church this week and we bought special gluten feee bars for his school snack and brought fruit snacks and starbursts(which he has never had!) to school for potty treats today  and the good thing is he really isn't picky about much so I think it should go good! ☺️

Oh And He can have crunch bars a, starbursts, suckers, butterfingers and all sorts of good Halloween candies still too in a few weeks!😆 

So with all basis' covered we are thanking God for blessing Lyric and anything we put our hands too on HIS behalf that HE will get all the glory for any and all benefits! 

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