Monday, September 10, 2012

HAPPY FALL YA'LL!! :) (The helmet is on it's way)

So happy  ECSTATIC that it is FALL!!! Since all of this began with Luke I can't even tell you how many times this past winter, spring, and summer I kept saying "I am just looking forward to fall". Reason being is that we knew that his surgery was going to happen and happen in the summer sometime back in the first week of March so I just kept feeling like come fall things would start to have a new sense of "normalcy". The late winter was filled with "worry"...spring is usually my favorite season (I love how the world just all of the sudden becomes as though we are looking at it in HD and everything is bright and beautiful)...however I think I missed that this spring. Spring for us was "knowing" (shutter) what they were going to be doing to Luke but not knowing all at the same time. It was a very very anxious time in our lives. Then came summer SURGERY TIME....which actually after surgery wasn't too bad. We were blessed blessed BLESSED with lots of good news and progression after the surgery. However the whole month of June we were very cautious while he recovered...while we waited for the incission to heal, the stiches to fall out, to feel comfortable with a hat on his head and going in public all of that in June. Then come July we had a great report for the follow up appointment with our plastic surgeon and then began the helmet stage. He was casted on July 23rd and then it was sent to our insurrance for approval. So July was filled with that "progression" stage...and well then August was just plain HOT HOT HOT....and so needless to say IT'S FALL YA'LL!!! And WE could not be happier! Matt and I were enjoying our beautiful ride home from church on Sunday and he said it feels so good to be entering a "new season" (in weather and in life). Obviously it is not the end of the road for us but the helmet is the beginning of the end of the road and we are on it people! Today after our long wait for approval from the insurannce(you can read my previous post for that story) we went and got Luke's head RE-casted in Naperville. The Doctor that did it today was fabulous. Giving Luke lots of sweet sounds and noises to help (he sounded like Donald Duck which our 2 year old loved) and he gave Lane lots of high fives(even after Lane chucked lego's across the waiting room out of pure exhaustion an hour and a half passed his nap time) we thought he was pretty cool. Just like last time they had us take off Luke's clothes and put vaseline all around his neck. Then slipped on this white panty hose head sock thingy that made him look like a little bank robber, then inserted the plastic piece where the sizzors would go when time to cut it off, then applied layers and layers of fiberglass mesh. The panty hose part he actually didn't cry for this time...but the mesh wrap and pressing on his skull he WAILED! Lane and I left the minute he started crying because Lane started to cry and said Oh no Baby Lukie!!! (Lane was not as easily distracted during this helmet casting as apposed to last so better to just remove him, give him daddy's phone to play flash cards on and go to the waiting room right out side the door rather than upset him over what his little bro was going through...have no worries the minute the phone came out his tears disappeared and never even hit his cheek and he was happy as ever and tuned the crying right out.) As soon as I got Lane settled outside the door in the chair I peaked in and they were cutting it off  Luke's head and I was able to scoop his sweet sticky bright red/purplish face right up out of daddy's arms and get him to calm down fairly quickly. (oh how I hate it for him:'( ...he's been throught "ALOT" worse you may say...but even a runny nose makes this Momma's heart break for them...thank God it only takes about 3 minutes for this casting) We then got to hear the doctor call in and speak to the people right away in regards to the rush on the helmet and we are getting it next Monday the 17th! In plenty of time before the 23rd like we need it and on a Monday when my hubby is off! WHEW!!:) Thank you Lord! (blessings blessings all the way thanks to our awesome God). And a great shout out to my amazing clients for being sooo understanding and flexible with your appointments!!! YOU GUYS ROCK AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
Also here is the GREATEST NEWS OF ALL....the doctor today thought Luke's head looked fabulous. He was acting as though he barely thought he needed this helmet. He said he will only need it for 4 months tops(however that is the plastic surgeon's final decision) and that he will only need it adjusted ever 3 weeks as apposed to once a week like they had told us back in July:) So we went today, will go next week to get the helmet, then the following week for our first fitting/checkup then every 3 weeks(so about 3-4 more times for fittings:)
Here are some pictures from today. I only took them of him with the "panty hose" thingy on his head while he was calm because once the crying began I had to exit and take care of Lane but here is a few. He is such a little cutie and such a tough cookie!!!

Here he is getting the netting put on his head before the casting and the apron is to keep Matt's clothes clean....

Here he is after it is on.....Him's so cute even though I hate it for him:).................

Here he is as they insert the plastic piece they put for the sizzors to go over once the casting is done so they can protect his head as they cut...

Sizzor guard inserted.....then the head is wrapped with the fiberglass mesh (probably 30 wraps I'd guess and pressed all on his head(almost like paper mache but thicker)

And the tired supportive big brother....about 10 minutes after throwing the legos...and about 5 minutes after leaving the office... :)

And last but not least....I just feel the need to share again how much we appriciate you all praying for us, loving us, and reading our blog and being on this journey with us.  Many many many people in this world compare to us and our past and current circumstances make them seem minuscule (and that breaks my heart) and to many many people our situation is awful compared to theirs...but regardless of what people may feel I know what we feel and that is BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED beyond messure to have Luke!! And to have him alive well and normal is literally a feeling that washes over us and leaves us without words.
My heart aches for people that so badly want a baby and don't have them or that have them and are facing critical situations. We don't even begin to compare to what some people have to face and Matt and I would take this task again ten fold for the blessing of this child. Oh how we love him(and his big brother)!!
(and look for a post next week with pics of him in his helmet!!)

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