Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Luke's Helmet UPDATE

Well we finally heard from the inssurance that they are helping cover the helmet but since it has been 6 weeks since the first casting and his head has grown we have to go back Monday the 10th for another casting. Then we have to get the helment made and fitted before Sept 23rd for the inssurance. Luckily Monday we get to go to the Naperville office (which isn't as far as the first casting it should only be around 2 hours) and they said it will take a week or two to recieve the helmet. So please be praying all will go well and Luke will have it on his sweet little head before the 23rd of Septemeber!! :)

The bump that they are perfecting on his left side is getting better every day even without his helment! He is such an adorable little guy and so fun!! Can't believe he will be 7 months old next Friday! He loves the baby food I have been making him and he loves patty cake, his flash cards(he loves the "baby" flash card the best), So big, YAY, and to make the "indian noise" and literally fusses when I stop doing it!! Haha!

Here is a few developmental pics:)

Here he is on the way to his first helmet casting 6 weeks ago, this picture really showes off the bump on the left side....

Here is about 3 weeks ago and as you can see his head is taking more shape around the bump...

Here he is last week and it is even a little better you can definatly still see that bump right above his left eyebrow but his head is growing in around it making the bump appear  smaller and with the few months of the helmet I am sure he'll have the most perfect shape head :).....

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  1. Love your family and this little guy! Will be praying for timing!!!