Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sorry...I've been sick...

Hello family and friends and fellow bloggers...
It's been a while since I have updated my blog...but I have a good excuse "I've been sick" with this really weird syndrom called "neglectablog". (pausing for laughter) I know hilarious  just a little funny right? all seriousness....I don't really have an excuse. I just wait until we have an appointment to update it. Guess I need to break that habbit!! Luke had another helmet fitting Monday (this was his 4th visit to the naperville office for his helmet). It went great. They cut the helmet up over his right ear because it was touching and is not suppose too and the cut the neck up a little higher(which makes this momma happy because it' a little easier to zurple (sp?...basically making farting noises:) on his neck and of couse give him kisses there too!! The orthosist said we are just "going through the motions" with the helmet. His head looks great and the picture is pretty much the same as last time so we are just keepin on keepin on with it. We are so excited to go in December to see Luke' plastic surgeon and to see what he thinks! :) As for the rest of Deckerville...things are going great. Excited for trick or treating and then jumping right into thanksgiving crafts and decorations ect the next day:) I have already been Christmas shopping (a little) and plan to continue to try to get one or two things taken care of each week!! This year we are getting Lane a fish tank for Christmas...HE LOVES THEM. Ever since we stayed in Chicago at the childrens hospital he talks about them a lot! I am excited for him...however I am a little curious how the "dying" of the fish will go, I am sure Lane will do just fine and we'll handle it well, we probably won't even tell him. We'll just say "he's all gone" and get him a knew one:) My curiosity is how I will be able to flush them! I don't want to do that!! (However I've never had to do that so maybe I'll be be continued I guess). As far as Luke goes for Christmas...he has a thousand little baby toys and loves all of his brother's toys we may do something "practical" and still a little something special toy wise! I see little walk behind toys and things that are "new" and I want, but we already have from when Lane was this age...however do I really need 2 of the same type of toy? More taken up space, more to pick up, more to clean ect... Being the 2nd child(and my hubby the 3rd) I DEFINATLY will get him his "own" stuff...when it' old enough to matter to him:) My AMAZING husband has been talking about my Christmas gift for almost a year it seems. He has been "working" on it for a long time!! And I have NOOO idea what it is. I am super excited though that he is so excited about this surprise for me:) Last year his surprise was the iphone 4s I told him he wasn't getting:) And this year....NOO CLUE YET!! I have to get to thinking. Sure there is LOTS of things I want to get him...but they are just EH' OK...and I'm looking for the wow factor always when it comes to my hubby because he is great;). be continued on that too. Oh and for those of you who "know" me...he has actually already got a Christmas gift(I should NOT shop early for him as I always seem to ruin the surprise.) This one lasted about 10 minutes...I had gone to the christian bookstore to get some stuff for my niece's baby dedication and I saw a Tim Tebow book about his life, walk with Christ ect...I thought "well that'd be one little gift from me or the boys for him for Christmas"...oh about 10 seconds  minutes after heading to putting  it in the "Christmas gift spot" I pulled it out, shoved it in his face and said "I got you a book:)" Haha! He wasn't surprised I ruined the surprise:) He's been reading it and really enjoying it. Well that is all for now. Hope this post finds you all well AND
 Happy Halloween !  Look for the little "fire fighter" and his "dalmation puppy" tonight trick or treating:)

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