Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful has a whole new meaning this year....

So I LOVE our families blog...can't you tell?? I really really do....however I need to figure out how to get the app on my hubby's iphone and update it from there because I am on there on the internet much much more than I am on my computer!! :) Anyways....we have a little BIG update! But first off....All is good with Luke. He had his (hopefully final) helmet fitting on this past Monday and they shaved the foam by his ears which is great because we felt it was getting too tight there. Our next appointment is Dec. 11th in Chicago with his plastic surgeon. He will be the decider if we will get to take it off then or if he will need to wear it one more month. If he does have to wear it one more month we will stop in Naperville on the way home to get a quick adjustment done. My dad and sister will be going to that appointment with Luke and I BECAUSSSEEEEEEEEE my hubby got a NEW JOB!! We are soooo excited! He is starting his job with Union Pacific on December 3rd!! He has been praying, "searching", praying, applying, praying, going to interviews, praying, getting rejected, praying, applying, praying(you get the jist) for a long time and we are so excited about this job. We KNOW this is the job God has been preparing for him and for us. I have decided to stay home full time with out doing hair out of our house. As most of you know...since Lane has been born I am home all day with him (and Luke now) and when my hubby walks in the door he takes care of the boys while I work. Then I come upstairs and we put the boys to bed and he goes to bed to get up at 230 am. So...the family of 4 time is far and few between and the hubby and wife time is just as few!!! I will continue to dance my 5 hours a week and be home when he is home all other times. :) It has been the desire of both of our hearts for me to be able to be home with the kids "and him" since we've been married and the time has finally come! I will be doing hair through December (just on saturdays) and then as of 2013 I will be done. It is bitter sweet as of course I will miss my clients friends....but it is much much more sweet to be with my familia!!:)
With that being said I am soooo sooo soooo grateful for Matt's past job. It has been GOD ALL THE WAY on how his schedule was. Even though I had to do hair after he was home...he was home most days by 2 or 3 and got A LOT of time with Lane (and Luke) before they had to go to bed(at 730) where some dads don't get home until 6 and wouldn't get that time. Also he has every Monday off which has been such a blessing for Luke's appointment. This appointment in December will be the VERY first doctors appointment he has ever missed for either child. He has gone to every single one and even the maternity appointments! When I look at the past 3 years in reverse it is so insane to me how God has brought us to every single moment and blessed us every step of the way (even when it didn't feel like a blessing in the moment). I am grateful for every appointment he has been to more than I can I feel pretty guilty feeling so sad about this one he's about to miss! How dare I even pout for a second after all we've been through....but I did. I am moving up and moving on though...each day praying for strength as we "go back to Chicago" and see Luke's surgeon. I know once I get there I will be smiling ear to hear and want to hug the man that  helped save Luke's life and did it so perfectly. I know that I will be so confident and proud to walk into that building with my incredibly perfect baby that has healed beyond their expection due to God's amazing works. But as for now...I have been struggling with the thought of "getting in the door to the room." Everytime I think of the walk into that building I get chills down my spine. Everytime we went there I had the sickest feeling in my stomache that I can't even begin to explain. The walk from the parking garage to the elevator, then the ride on there, and then entering into the building with hunderds of people in white coats hustling and bustiling about makes me about burst into tears because now the thought feels like a nightmare. Everytime we went there it was for something scary, hard, sad, blood drawing, blood giving, ct scans, words we didn't want to hear, check ups for stiches, scaring, infection... etc... If you went to the same  place for months and hated EVERY SINGLE second of being there...would you want to go back? Even if you knew it was going to be different this time? That is the struggle I have been having...and then to top it off....with my hubby ROCK! I am letting that go though...I will no longer think of what was...I will no longer be stuck feeling that nightmare feeling and everytime it tries to come upon me I will replace that feeling with the overwhelming heart of gratitude I carry!  That is far bigger than any fear I ever faced! That is a far better feeling than any hurt I felt. I am in control of what effects me....and I am going into this with complete control that I AM BEYOND PLEASED AND THANKFUL FOR THIS CHILD AND HIS HEALTH! (no matter what we went through!)
We just look back and see God through everything...not just Luke's situation but EVERYTHING! Matt had a lot of interviews (even some that were 2nd interviews) and did not recieve a new job. We were discouraged at times but just kept believeing and trusting that whatever job God had for him that was the one we wanted. Well wouldn't you know...he gets a new amazing job after all this is settled?! Like I said he has been to every doctors appointment, had plenty of time off, bosses that completly understood, and much much more. The 3 years he worked this job and tried, hoped and prayed for a better one has competly showed why he never got a different one this year! God is good...and has give us above what we could have ask for! Eph 3:20 Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Here is a few recent pics :)

The best daddy and best driver in the world to all these appointments....

The best big brother ever...... always riding along and being such a good boy.....

Our sweepy sweepy tired helmy boy......such a great car rider:)

Love Lukes little grin in this picture.....

Snuggle buddies

Daddy and his helmy boy

Mommy and her helmy boy

HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL....the hardest year of our lives has brought us to the most thankful thanksgiving of our lives:)

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  1. Great post Laurel! I am so happy for you and your family! You deserve all of the blessings you are receiving! I love you guys!