Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Whoot whoot GOD IS CONSTANT!!!!

Luke's appointment went great today!!! We are so blessed and thankful to hear that LUKE is PERFECT!! It was a great ct scan! We actually got to see the pictures of his scan(and yes daddy got squeamish he admitted As soon as we walked out...he is such a trooper! ) the pictures were a lil crazy I have to admit! It was his teeth his expression face head etc! And you could see where the plates were where the work had been done...where there were small gaps from things dissolving! It was intense but the good thing is Dr. Reid was very pleased with it! He said there is no need for concern and that his head is in the 48th percentile and the shape is great and his scar healed nicely& with his hair you'll never even see the lil imperfections!!! We are so blessed!!! We don't go back until June 2014!!! We are so excited for an awesome summer that we can be completely present in! Daddy is on a "qi qi boy high" as he said! just so happy!!! We give GOD all the glory for the entire road we have walked on!!! He has been above and before it all and the amazing thing is....HE ALWAYS IS!!!!! He is faithful and CONSTANT!!!! And He loves us ALL the same!!!! THANK YOU all for standing firm with us in this crazy amazing journey! What a 15 months it has been an I am so grateful for each and everyone of you that we couldn't have made it through without you!!!!!

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