Thursday, February 13, 2014

Luke is TWO!!!!

We can not believe our precious little Luke is 2 years old TOMORROW!!!! Love our little valentines day baby!!! Since my last post (wow....a long long time ago I wanted to upload a few pics so you could all see how AMAZING his head looks!!) He has been so healthy, no head problems, and just one or toe colds! He is such a smart boy! Talking up a storm now....knows all his colors (trips up on red now and again and his favorite color of anything seems to be orange and sometimes yellow!!) He loves his abcs and knows them well and is doing awesome at shapes! We are so Proud of him!! 

Here is a picture of him at Christmas with his daddy....ya ya I know you can't see his head lol! But I just love this picture of these two!!:) 

Here he is with me at Christmas....doesn't his head look amazing! Can't hardly see the scar and the shape is perfect(unless you feel it but hey who has a perfect head with out a bump or dip here and there....we are all made differently! Even our skulls!!;)

Here is another up close one!!!

And this one below shows the top well! Can't even see that scar even through his white blonde hair!

And here is in further back! Look as his precious little donut face:) Him and his brother and DEFINATLY different in looks but so similar in lots of ways too!!!:) 

Another good top of his head shot below(not sure he will have long hair like his brother!?! Guess it would depend how it would lay through the scar line:) 

And one more close one of his head shape!!

Here is one very up closes from yesterday that Daddy sent me right when he woke up!!;) 
Our sweet little man is so precious and wonderful and we are STILL in awe of God's amazing grace that he showed us through it all !! We talk about it often and NEVER take it for granted that is for sure!!!! I can not promise I will blog more often but I would love too....but since Luke's baby brother is due today and this house is about to have a 3 year old 2 year old and newborn....I am not sure I will get the time....but hey ya never know...those middle of the night nursing sessions just might give me a little more time on my hands!!:-) 

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