Monday, November 10, 2014


Whoa buddy....July 20th was my last time in blog land...ouch!! How will I ever update all that has been done since then?!?! I won' I'm not even going to try! I do however like to come back here from time to time to record some tid bits of our life because I know this is going to be a great testimony to look back on someday and I don't want it to lapse completely. Like many things in life I am sure there will be a season where I blog regularly and a season where I blog hardly at all or just from time to time. Right now I am defiantly in a season of not blogging and mainly because I  can't find don't really make the time. Prioritizing has become a HUGE shift in my heart lately (well I shouldn't say's actually been for a while now that I look back on it) but I have really been focused on it lately. I am sure that the big push was the fact that Lane started Preschool this year in Septemember. That was by far one of the hardest days and biggest changes in parenthood yet (ya ya I know we are in for soooo much more...but for us this is our BIGGEST at the current time...and tomorrow will worry about itself.) I am not going to lie, it was tear after tear after tear for both me and my hubby. I who had been crying for basically the entire summer over not going to be having him home with me all day everyday, thought there was no was I'd be a mess on the day of because I felt like I had just possibly cried every tear imaginable...but I was wrong...I was still a mess. My hubby...who is now so sensitive since he became a dad....cried when we cut his hair short the night before...and when we left his preschool we even had to take a walk around the block for him to be able to get it together before going home to meet our other two kiddos who were being watched by our sister in law. It was needless to say a super proud, and hard moment for us both. I don't really need to go into detail why...I know all parents miss their kids when they start school and yet are so excited to see them strive and hit their milestones along the way. It is a bittersweet moment...because they are excited and you are too yet you know this is a HUGE turning point in your life. There is so much responsiblity now with having to go to school and being on time, picking them up, endulging in those moments before, and after, getting every fed, presentable, etc...all at a time frame. It's a huge change for this play at home momma. You see...I think most people can contest that I could never be labled as I hope that sentence isn't putting me in that catagory. It's not that the getting out of the house on time, and the to do's of starting the day is because I want to sit in our pj's all day at watch t.v. because that certainly isn't nor has it ever been the case. But I am, like I said, a "play at home" mom. I like to have fun with breakfast and what I make them..."teddy bear toast"....
I like to do crafts at 830 am and take baths at 9:00 because we are so messy. I enjoy spending time snuggling and doing fun flashcard apps on the ipad or watching diesel trains drive by with Lane before everyone else gets up. I like the routine of the little learning and schooling I have been instilling in him for the past 4 years and having to find a new way to implement it and add a new structure was just hard to adjust too. And THEE absolute biggest adjustment for not having him here(insert current water works right now). I LOVE having him here...and so does Luke and so does Lyric. I have a non stop pit in my stomach from the minute I drop him off until the minute I pick  him up. I don't however sit around and cry each time(I swallow the lump in my throat and move on because that is what a good mommy to her other two should do) and I prioritize my time with Luke! and the reason I say Luke is because Lyric takes his morning nap right when we get home from dropping Lane and school and wakes up shortly before we go get him. It really has been AMAZING to have that time with Luke and I cherish it so much and I know if Lane were home it would be harder to get that special time with him so for that I am thankful! Luke is DEFIANTLY in the "teachable twos" stage right now. Lane was and is beyond a rule follower...that is just how it's always been...and his love language is words of most of the time(and I mean almost 98% of the time) when Lane was two he did the right thing, or what I asked, and if he didn't it just took some quiet close talking and encouraging and he would feel better, make it right, and remember for next time. Luke however...I hate to admit it but's my blog so I better at least be real with myself...he is a rule breaker! lol! was I (that was harder to admit I think lol) maybe it's a second child thing...or maybe not. But Luke sure likes to do what he shouldn't, go the fastest, climb the highest, and try every dangerous thing possible! BUT he loves like no other. Even though he is rougher than I'd prefer (and trust me we do discipline that....nothing makes me more frusterated than when a kid shoves, pushes, or gets aggressive out of anger) but he is such a love...he snuggles, hugs, kisses, and loves on people so much. His love language is also without a doubt just like his mommas...he likes physical touch! He takes a little extra paietence sometimes but man do our hearts connect. He has a wild, silly, hyper, fun side that I too have and when those are in line there is no where else I'd want to be on those two hours of our time. (the opposite of that those is quite the opposite and in those times I will manage my blessing and move on:) I have learned by having a strong willed 2nd child to NEVER roll my eyes at another child or parent again(honestly I never did in the first place...I'm just not a judgemental mommy....I'm sure not perfect but I understand either are other moms and kids so when things arise I just try to look the other way!) If someone at walmart see's my 2 1/2 year old with a binky in one hand and a sucker in the other hand at 9:00 am and rolls their doesn't bother me. Is it the best choice...nope it sure isn't...but it must have been needed because I am not a mommy that is constantly like that so when I am I rest that it is ok. When someone that is related to us rolls their eyes when my 2 1/2 year old isn't listening or melting down over something....that however IS hard to shake. It's really hard! I feel like our family (and well all of us who claim we are Christians) should strive to see the best in people. Even if a kid is not having their best moment....could we just try to take a second to try to see them for the good that they are and let the bad moment pass. I am learning every day, every family get together, every mommy group, every church nursery/prek experience, every moment as a parent how I don't want to be. I don't want any of my fellow family members, or ever feel like "Laurel wouldn't approve" I mean...obviously I wouldn't approve of something ie...abuse, neglect, etc...duh! But as far as the rest of being a parent goes it is my goal that my husband and I are nothing but a supportive parents to however you handle your situation, a supportive aunt and uncle to our niece and nephews melt downs or bad moods, supportive care takers in where we choose to serve, supportive to our friends and their way of parenting...basically just  never judgemental. I think we all have super proud moments we want to share about our kids, and super bad moments we never want others to see...but in REALITY....people aren't always going to see those awesome moments and others WILL see the meltdowns of all meltdowns...but I will not look or judge. I will look away at the hard moments and applaud the successes of those children. I wish people would do that for Luke....and every 2 year old out there. I wish people wouldn't judge how cute a child is or how they don't talk as well, dress as well, or if they have a bottle when they are 3. Being a parent is hard enough and nobody needs to feel the eye rolls or catch that look you shoot each other. I am vowing to never be that mom and I thank God for the opportunity to get to mold these little beings he has intrusted me with!! With His help I will do my best and always pray for strength for each day.
(that was not my intention to go into in this post but I just couldn't stop tying)
So back to what I was saying....our newest thing is Lane is in pre K Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9-11 and he does love it. And of course the teachers LOVE him!!! We are soooooo proud of him and the awesome reports we have been getting! He loves to read site words(which they don't do at school but I have been working with him for a few months now and the kid is literally a reading machine!!) I am now even more concious of my time with Lane and Luke and as a mommy in general because school days just fly by! Luke is great...potty trained for number 1 but number 2 is a daily battle of him doing that in the privacy of his nap time in his bed! LOL! Does it frusterate me?? Yep...sure does. But he will grow out of it and eventually be ok with going on the potty...which he has gone number 2 on the potty...I guess his routine is just to do it then in his pull up...and eventually we will get through it. He is so sweet and becoming even easier to deal with when strong willed moments arise and I'm so thankful for that!
and LYRIC IS ALMOST 9 MONTHS OLD!!!!! He is soooo close to crawling...well he does crawl backwards, and scoots,and rocks, and takes a stride and plops down, and rolls everywhere! He is basically on the move but not fully yet and that is ok with me!! He is soooo extremely sweet and smitten over looking right at daddy and saying dada(momma is on it's way in JESUS NAME!!! lol) He wakes up about once a night still. He is still exclusivly breastfed (my other two were on formula at this point) but Lyric is doing great with breastfeeding still so we are going to stick with until he has whole milk at 1! I am still making my own baby food and he is a great table eater already! Likes soups, little pieces of breads and muffins, and even tried a little cheese today! He has two teeth on the bottom and is on the brink of having 4 on the top come through!! He is growing WAYYY to fast and we are SOOOOOO in love with him! Having a baby makes even hard moments good! Who doesn't love having a happy, smiley, chubby little giggling baby around all the time?!?!? It's just the best!!!
My hubby is AMAZING....I love him more every single day...which seems impossible but it is so true! He amazes me each day with his walk with the Lord. He is such a talented guitar player, a super hard worker who is always working for overtime to try to make extra for the holidays ahead etc...He is a great daddy who loves the boys so fun like, is stern when they need it, and soft when I've had a hard day...he is just the best and I could NOT be more proud to be his wife!!
We are looking forward to the holidays this month and next and we are so enjoying the loud, messy, crazy, silly, tiring, fun, AWESOME season of life we are in!!! It's a busy season with three little ones...but not too busy....not like we go here there and every where and never enjoy life busy...just the right amount of busy-ness of playing, raising toddlers and babies that is the perfect ammount of busy-ness for us and we are deep into enjoying every moment as they fly by!!

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