Sunday, July 20, 2014

My 5....

Here is a little update on our little "party of 5"
(is that getting over played?? not sure I have even used it on the blog yet so I'll go ahead and stick with it for now:) Remember that show....Bailey? Claudia?...that's all I got right now!
Anyways....I'll start with #1
My hubby is amazing as always! Not a whole lot "new" in his life besides playing in a new band for the new church we have been attending. Of course I think he has done AWESOME but seriously you guys he is just great! He adapted so quickly, has not played one song that he has played before and is doing a good job practicing with them and at home. I could not be more proud of him serving in the music minsitry and I am SO so glad to be married to a man who is musically inclined! I love that it is apart of our family and I hope and pray at least one of our boys plays the guitar!! He also went to a great worship experience with the pastor of our church and another couple and he really enjoyed it! He said I would have loved it! I got invited to go with but with still breastfeeding Lyric I did not have enough milk pumped to leave him for that many hours so I had to pass. I guess that will be a good leading point into #2...
Me...I'm doing great! Still exclussivly nursing Lyric and it's going great but I don't really ever take the time to pump bottles for him. I do pump everyday (ok wait most days) but I ususally use those few ounces at supper time to mix the breastmilk with the rice cereral he's been eating at supper now. I mainly focus on pumping if we have somewhere to go that I know I will need a bottle or if I am going to be leaving him....which I haven't since our date back in May!!! Which we are sooooo in need of a date night! And we have 2 scheduled whoooo hooo!!! One will be for just a couple hours out for tacos with a couple from our church here in town at our country club and the other one is a wedding here in town and I am looking forward to both! I LOVE time with just my hubby and even though we definatly get a couple hours at night alone it's just nice to get out and be focused on each other...not laundry, packing his lunch, cleaning up toys, showering, getting the coffee pot ready....etc etc etc....
I am excited to start dance next month! I will only be teaching 2 hours (possibly three depending on how combining my two oldest pointe classes goes) this year! Lane is going to take tumbling there on Wednesdays too! I am so so SO excited for him to do that! I think it will be fun for him and it's only 30 minutes! Id like to put him in the boys hip hop class BUT he says he doesn't want to when I ask him and he defiantly is NOT my lil singer and dancer....LUKE IS!!!
#3 Lane starts preschool next month and my heart ACHES....literally ACHES when I think of dropping him off somewhere that isn't one of our families houses. I have never done that before...he hasn't ever been to anyones house or any establishment without one of us unless it was his immediate family. I KNOW he will be safe, and that he will LOVE school....just a huge stepping stone for this momma! Three days a week(two hours each day) sounds like A LOT to me(to others...maybe that is not the case...but to each their own...for me that is a long time) I am going to miss him soooo soooo sooo much!!!! I think it is going to be very hard for Luke to not have him home and to not get to go in with him. Might be a few two year old melt downs as we try to leave him:)
Besides school....Lane has been playing baseball in our back yard REALLY well! That kid can HIT!! We are soo proud of him! He also swam(doggie paddled) the last time we went swimming and we were super proud of him considering last year he wanted to be held the whole time and this summer he is swimming the entire length of the pool! He is getting very daring in his words and tries to say what we say to him during discipline towards Luke or even to us sometimes. The funniest thing ever is the other day I open the fridge and the tub of vanilla yogurt fell out of the fridge and fell on to the floor and the lid popped off and it spilled everywhere...and semi calmly I said "bummer" and he says "mom are you gonna melt down?" LOL I totes played it cool and was all "no no way buddy" lol!! It's just funny because if he spills his bowl of crackers or his long length of train cars he is trying to carries unhooks I'll say "Lane...don't melt down it's fine" ha! He is a character let me tell ya! He too is loving our new church and is doing great with all the memory verses! Today he said "mom God made me to OBEY!" which the total God thing about that was....his bible verse from this week that I taught them was Eph 6:2 Honor your mother and father ....well when he asked what honor meant I talked about respecting and obeying what we say etc so he would say Obey your mom and dad...well well then Sunday it was about Obeying! Thank you big guy:) Lane is an AMAZING big brother...always looking out for Lukie, giving Lyric his binky etc....He has such a serving, helping, and loving heart at 4 and I am just SO BLESSED to call him mine! I could not be more heart explodes for that little boy(all of them)!!!
#4 Luke LOOKS SOOOO BIG!! I mean seriously every.single.time. I look at him I'm like "he is so big"! He just seems so grown up(which I guess being 2 1/2 next month is pretty grown up!) He just has a bigger kid apperance lately and OF COURSE it's bitter sweet! lol! He is sleeping back in his own room because bless his heart he just wasn't ready to share a room! He did great sleeping all night in a big boy bed in Lanes room(once he stayed in his bed) but getting him to stay in his bed was such a challenge. It took a thousand different ways of trying it, it took sticking to the same way, it took multiple ways of disciplining and he STILL would NOT stay in his bed! He is one determinded little guy! So after threating we'd take him out and put him in his old crib(aka Lyrics new bed) we had to stick with it....and when we did it was right to sleep for him...almost like he was home! We were exhausted from discipling them and bedtime had become awful and stressful when it use to be cuddly, giggly, and fun. So....instead of crushing their little spirits anymore....we decided that 2 just may be too young for our Luke to share a back he is in his own room and he is doing great like usual and so is Lane. Easy peasy to put to bed, happy, fun, and just as it should be! Luke is such a lover he litterally LOVES to love on you! (He gets that from his momma!:) And he said a few weeks ago WITHOUT me saying anything "I love you SO MUCH Momma" He always says love you momma at bed(only calls me momma if he says love you with it...otherwise it's mommy...I find that so endearing:) but for some reason one night he said the SO MUCH all on his own and I couldn't even hold back the happy tears! IT WAS AH-MAY-ZING!! He also loves to play with my hair and even wants my hair down if it's in a messy bun at bed time so he can stroke his lil fingers through it...a pony tail is acceptable:) He's just so affectionate when he isn't running and I love it so much! He has the biggest lips, the tightest hugs, and the sweetest litte touch! Love him so!!
#5 Lyric is 5 MONTHS OLD!
Him a sweet big boy weighing 17lbs! The doctor said he was so proud of his strength and ability to sit up already! He exclussivly drinks breastmilk and I haven't even offered him formula yet, breastfeeding him is super easy, he does great, I love that bonding time with him and clearly I am making enough for the little chunker:) He nurses 6-8 times a day and that is with his middle of the night feeding too! Oh and btw....he has a crib in our room. SOOOO not ideal but for now everyone is getting sleep and hopefully soon we can try two sharing and Lyric in his own nursery. Matt said we should make our master bedroom down in the basement toy room since there is a 3/4 bath and everything down there but I am just no sure about the whole sleeping downstairs and our boys being on the main level without us? So we will just wait for now:) He had rice cereal 2 weeks ago starting at supper to try to get him use to eat off a spoon and his first bite was LEGIT! Like he had been doing it for years lol!! On the day he turned 5 months we gave him a few bites of my grandma's homemade applesauce...he wasn't sure what to think of it but did swallow all the bites. I homemade all of Lukes baby food and I hope to do that for Lyric too but with 3 I am not going to put too much pressure on myself...if he has gerber once and a while so be it:) Lane had all store bought baby food and Luke had none...why??? No clue! Ok I shouldn't say that but really I tried to make Lanes only owning a blender and it was hard, didn't puree right etc so I gave up. Well my mom bought me the baby bullet at a garage sale when I was pregnant with Luke and I tried it and it was awesome....never looked back I was a pureeing maching and I have to say he ate table food and had a great taste for eating anything and everything very early and still does! He is a great eater who isn't picky in the slightest! So I would like to do it for Lyric but like I said I may but some to have on stock incase I don't have any pre-made(with Luke I had tons frozen before he even ate off a spoon) I have none so far...I better get on that! (tomorrow!!!)
Lyric is SO SO SO HAPPY and such a smiley loving little boy...he is thee perfect size right now and is the perfect baby and addition to our family!! He is sooo loved by us 4!!!
Well that is it for now! Glad I got a little update on the busyness of life I don't want to forget to record how wonderful everyone is! I am blessed beyond messure!!

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