Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Starting my year off fasting!!!

     This year my hubby and I have decided to join our church in their annual 21 day fast! When I was growing up we did different 30 hour famines and things of that nature so I kind of knew about fasting and praying but never really have experienced it in my adult life. 

One time we fasted from Facebook in the midst of trying to decide if we were going to leave or church or not...mainly because we wanted to open up an area in our life that we could go deeper in our time praying an recieveing God's want for us and not be so consumed with Facebook (ever) but defiantly in the middle of such a decision! I do feel like it was a great 2 weeks not being online! 

However I still had other distractions with Instagram and pinterst! Those little social media apps can really use up your time so quickly!! 
   So currently I am fasting from:
Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest 
I feel like such an addict when it comes to sweets! And I know lots of people fast from food the whole time or partial fasts like Elijah, John the Baptist, Daniel etc and those are also good challenges to over come but for me...sweets is defiantly a challenge! I prayed about it and knew immediately that was what I needed! NOT at all to lose weight but because that is something my flesh craves! I am praying in the want for that sugar! 
I know this fast is going to bring me to a deeper realationship with God! I am believing that I will have a revelation of hearing from Him and am expecting some self control in lots of areas 
      i.e...the internet, sweets, etc etc!! 

My heart was challenged in a hundred ways to be a better mom this year.

And this cannot happen unless I am fully satisfied and filled up with Jesus.

He is what it ALL comes down to.


The gospel is what I want to give my kids more of this year.  I want to pour out on them the joy and forgiveness and patience and kindness that He has shown me through His work on the cross.

When their early wake-up rituals threaten mysanity joy, I will remember that JESUS laid it all down for me.  And I will lay down my desire for sleep.  No complaining.  No fussing.  I will joyfully rise to serve.

Because that’s what Jesus did and I want my family to see the gospel in me.

When tempted to blow a gasket over the messy house...I will remember that JESUS laid it all down for me.  And I will lay down my desire to live in a perfectly spotless home.  I will lay down my need to be in control of every little thing.  And I will laugh at the explosion of Play-Doh and smile at the Sharpie lines in the carpet and the drawing someone did with pen on the couch cushion.

Because I want my family to see the gospel in me.

When I feel that nagging despair that no one sees or appreciates the 100 million loads of laundry I do or 6 trillion dishes I wash every day or the bazillion hours I spend correcting and training my darling little boys, I will lay that down, too.  Because the gospel is not self-seeking.

Because when we are truly living in the fullness of the Good News WE DON’T NEED THE PRAISE OF MAN.

When I want to fret and be anxious over the boys – their health, their behavior, the weird noise they just made in their sleep – or worry about our finances, my marriage, friendships, jobs… I will lay it down because Jesus trusted His Father and lived a life of open-handed surrender to the One who knows best.

I want my family to see the gospel in me.

When I want to check out and be distracted (ahem – iPhone), I will lay that down, too.  Because Jesus shows us that people – relationships – are more important than things.

I want my family to see the gospel in me.

When I want to punish my children with cold silence and disappointment, I will instead choose to quickly extend forgiveness and throw in a tickle fight, because in Jesus there is absolute freedom from sin.

There is great love and great acceptance.

And in my dying to all the things that my human, weak, frail flesh wants, I discover the abundant, happy life in choosing Jesus.

That is the gospel.

desire more of Him – more of the gospel – more of what He did and what He provides this mommas  heart than anything else in this world.

And when I’m weary of laying everything down, I will remember that the gospel is most beautifully communicated in our weakness – remember that.

Stay humble.  Repent.  Submit.  Obey.  Trust.

And love lavishly.

Here is to fasting, praying, receiving, and becoming MORE like HIM! And to do that I need to spend more time with HIM!!  


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