Sunday, January 25, 2015

All done fast

As I typed this title I couldn't help but laugh...if you have young kids you'll understand...when they are little it's like
"ooop All done _________" 
Fill in the blank(my blank is usually glue, paint, messy stuff!) and without even realizing it I typed it that way! Lol!!! 
Ok even though I tried to prepare my heart before typing this post let me start over....
(sounds a little better:)

I am a tiny bit happy (especiallyabout the   sweets I said in my original post about fasting...I have a huge sweet tooth AND without realizing it while deciding to fast was my birthday during this fast so I had to turn down my moms amazing brownie cake!! 
*DO NOT WORRY she is amazing and froze us some! And that may just be my breakfast after I get off this treadmill! Lol;)

I also have to be honest on the fact that I am not just a little sad about it being over but A LOT sad.
I feel like I have been on vacation with God! Like Him and I have spent the 
past 21 days having a deeper relationship!! 

must say being apart of Facebook is great (especially for long distance people  where you might not bump into them and most importantly, to me, I LOVE being able to see my cousins and their kids, and my friends kids and all the awesome pictures of them) BUT with all of that it's easier to get wrapped up in the crap of the world too! Without even reading some of it just passing it by can add up on your heart without you even realizing it and well without it...

I have felt 
*less worried
*less time consumed 
*less stressed 

So that has pointed me too....
I need to use it less often!! 

I have always tried to have guidelines for myself with social media. Like don't use it when my kids are awake (and really I don't have time for that...they are busy busy boys that just don't lounge around watching tv much and trust me I'm so thankful for that! So since it's usually a lot of running, planning, gettin Into things, or getting owies at our house) I rarely only post a pic or two when they are awake! As far as looking and wasting time on it I found myself doing that before bed if Matt already fell asleep, or on the treadmill, or during naps if I have free time etc! 

What I found fasting from it was I spend WAY more time reading! Which I really love to do and did a lot before I had kids! It is nice for them to see me read a book once and a while too! I often read scriptures from my bible on my phone (and will continue too!) but I WANT them to see my bible out and using it daily! Also my mom got me two new books for Christmas "Bringing up Boys by dr James Dobson and "unglued" by Lysa Terkurst! I am loving them both! 

I listened to more sermons and even watched a little more tv(which I normally don't watch tv!) but there was a couple nights I laid in bed with my hubs and instead of checking my phone I read or we watched some pointless re runs and I really enjoyed it both!! 

The biggest thing that happened during this fast was one of my very best friends has been going through a long 5 week battle over her 3 year old little girl trying to find out what was going on with her very swollen lymph nodes and fevers etc! After a surgery and a lot of appointments they found out that she has a cancerous condition called LCH. 

Now let me say had I not been Facebook fasting I would have surely still been praying like a mad women through it all...but my time before bed, in the middle of the night, early morning quiet time, or working out...I used that extra "free time" to pray even harder!!! 

I am so thankful I had that time!! 

God spoke into my heart in a lot of ways and I tried to blog post about some of it! I am just super inspired to lay down my personal self desires. 
(i.e. perfectly cleaned up kitchen or a kitchen a mess full of crafts when I wake up in the morning...see first fasting post!)

God has delivered more than I expected. 

I HAVE self control over sweets! I don't need self control! Nothing has a hold on me and I don't "need" to have anything (like that) 

I also have self control over my internet time and social media too! And after a break from it  I feel like I had so much more time with Jesus that I don't want to muddy the waters! I loved our 21 day fast! I am excited to do it each year with our church and my husband! I'm not sure what God will lay on my heart to fast next time but I'm looking forward to it! 

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  1. LOVE THIS! Each year I kind of dread the fast... and then each year I am SO thankful that I do it. It's amazing how much clarity you can get through it all. AND... I feel your pain. My birthday falls in the 21-day window every single year, so I either miss all of the fun birthday Facebook posts or I can't eat cake! So Josh and I decided that from here on out my new birthday is February 1st... hahaha! But seriously, a girl needs some cake on her birthday! I'm proud of you and love reading about the strong Christian woman, wife, mom, and friend you are and continue to become. It's such a special thing to have others in this thing around you and I consider you one of them! Now stop reading this and go get a donut! :) Love you!