Monday, September 7, 2015

Luke's starting preschool!!!

I am not sure how I am sitting here typing this post. It seems like yesterday this whole blog/post writing was just starting.....all because of Luke. 

And now here I sit...after writing, posting, updating our family and friends all about you (your brothers and our family) to write a post the day before you start PRESCHOOL!!! I can not believe this is even possible!! 

Since the day he entered this world he has been on a mission! He completed an enormous (and the greatest) transformation in my life (and daddy's and lots of other people's lives too!) by the age of just 3 1/2 months old!! After enduring a ton of pain, like A TON OF PAIN, at such a young age...he has truly never lost the ability to amaze me!! (And He never ever stops surprising me that is for sure!!) 

Lane didn't start his first year of preschool until he was almost 4 1/2! So starting Luke at 3 is going to defiantly be different for me!! But man is he ready! Not anymore than Lane was but he does have a stronger desire to go to school since he has a big brother to keep up with you know!!;) AND we are so proud that he knows (and has known for a while) all his letters and numbers and Colors! He writes his name (the K) is still a little iffy for him, he can count past 50 without screwing up, he knows ALL his letter sounds, he can count by tens to 100, and he has mastered the lower case uppercase thing for each letter too! AND since he has a bro to keep up with and learns right along with he can read a few words! At. Just. Three!!! And even spell these too-Luke, mom, dad, lane, stop, truck, love, God, etc!! 

I have no fear of him starting preschool (or doing anything really) because he has no fear!!! (and because  a little boy who has been equipped and made perfect from His maker...has created a transformed and strengthened Mama! 

He has a determination like no other. And I know that is going to be a huge asset in his school years! I can already see him as the kid that can "do his science project by himself" and walk right in proud of how it looks because he did it alone! 

He has a heart to please people, ESPECIALLY when you don't ask him too! He loves to have me close my eyes and bring me a flower, clean up toys, or "serve" mommy!! He truly loves to make a surprise for anyone!!! His biggest way of doing that is usually through silliness, laughter, funny moments, or anything to get people to laugh! He is the life of the party in this house. The thermostat that keeps everyone at an even temperature! And one of the best things that comes along with such a that he is the quickest to forgive! Even if he has had a bad morning, is over tired, or doesn't get his literary takes like one quick second to turn his frown upside down!! I love that about him so so much!! 

When he gets upset man can he ever show it....BUT I wouldn't trade it for the world for how quick he gets over it! Believe it or not that just makes it easier!! 
I mean look at this kid! 
Even as a baby he was so the happiest baby you could ever ask for and when he got upset or hurt you would know it BUT he could regain happiness like that! We never had to worry like "he's over it...time to go home" because He was the baby that would persevere! 

Persevere is a great word for Luke! He has, he can, and he will persevere through anything!! 

He feels hard! Loves hard and hurts hard but he is not a grey area kind of kid!

 I love that about Him! 

And so many other things but this one of my favorites! 
He truly has a passion! As a three year old people!!!(and even before!!) 

A deep passion to be happy go lucky, silly, wild and have a FUN life!!! Does it ever cause issues being like that...sure it does...when you're three! Because silly at the dinner table is not acceptable(okkkay is fun...sometimes...but sometimes it's not). And being someone at 3 that loves life like that does need guidance, reassurance where and how to use that personality etc!! 

But an adult with that type of God given personality is going to do MIGHTY things!! He will be able to rally a crowd and so so much more!! And We just know preschool is going to be the beginning of it all! And we are so grateful for the amazing Christian preschool he will attend!! They are all about learning and instilling the importance of how much Jesus loves Him!!  

We always try to spend a little one on one time the day before the first day of school! (I feel like I've had lots of one on one time with Luke the past few weeks with Lane in kindergarten because with just me and the little two we have had some great school time, play times at the park, and conversations!!) 
He even helped me decorate for fall!! 
And he loves helping with the dishes!! Look what he washed last time....
He is a great grocery shopper and now has the responsibility of keeping lil bro happy since Lane is at school!! Not sure how I'll get groceries without him! I May have to do groceries only on any day but Monday and Wednesday's when he will be gone! He literally is like the sweetest and most thankful boy to each worker he see's and every stranger is his best friend! The world would truly miss him! Especially Aldi! So I better just wait and get groceries when he is with me! I don't want to jip anyone! lol!! 

Today daddy took him to the store to get some stuff to donate to his school!! (I forgot to remind him to take some pics!!) 
And I got an amazing coffee/milk date with him early this morning!! 
We had fun playing with the monster truck we bought from McDonald's too!! 

He brings the party every where he goes, he brings the fun, and give him a task he WILL get it done!!! 

Luke YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND more than I've ever seen! You are a blessing a huge huge huge amazing blessing that is an amazing asset to this world! We claim BIG things for your future!!(Not easy for this mama as I'd be happiest to be your neighbor all your life...but you were made for so much more!! And God has already started to prepare my heart about all that!! He has big plans for you!!!) 

You want to be a doctor...not a coincidence that Luke in the bible was also a doctor I know that to be true!! 
You also want to be a boat driver to go fast!! And we are not surprised about that at all! You operate on one speed and that is full board deep!!! 
We are on board for whatever God wants for you!! We are praying over you each and every day and love your awesome heart for Jesus! You LOVE your bible!! Our bibles...any bibles!! We know HIS word is where you're safe haven is already and are so thankful for that!! 

Luke 2:40New International Version (NIV)

40 And the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him.

You are strong Luke! Filled with wisdom and God's grace is upon you!! It's going to be a GREAT year for you!!!! We are so incredibly proud of you!!!

And we love you SO much Qi!!!

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