Sunday, February 28, 2016

How I have been praying for our boys lately....

If you are like me, a busy momma, then there are things that you want to work on in your relationship with both Christ and your children. At the beginning of the year (and not gonna lie after watching the movie War Room) I realized that one of the areas that needs the most work in my relationship with the Lord is my prayer life.

While I have always prayed daily for my children, sometimes it tended to get a little mundane be prayers like: “Thank you God for our food and that we all slept well. Please help me to be patient with the boys. Please help the boys to be safe, healthy, whole and strong today and be a light in this world. Amen.”  And while there is nothing wrong with those types of prayers, they don’t even scratch the surface of all that our prayers can do.

So after creating a prayer closet I dove into taking my "prayer chair" (that's what I use to call it in my living room) or my "quiet time" and go deaper. Through the prayer of faith, we have the power to move mountains, bind up demons, resist the devil, and affect all types of situations. Our prayers are one of the most important weapons we have in our arsenal as Christians and what better thing to do as parents then to lift up our children in prayer?

So I’ve done a little research and set out to find how we can pray for our children that goes beyond “Help Lane to learn his lessons in school and help him to show Your love.”

Here are five new ways that you can pray for your children:

1. That the Devil Would Not Outwit Them

In 2 Corinthians 2:11, it says: “So that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his designs.”
We need to pray that our children would have eyes open to see the designs of the devil. That they would realize all that is not of God. We need to pray that they would see the devil’s work for what it is and that they would not be outwitted by him.

2. That They Would Use Their Armor Effectively

In Ephesians 6, Paul writes to the Ephesians about their spiritual armor. This armor is something that everyone who is in Christ will have. If your child is a disciple of Christ then they have this armor at their disposal. But like any soldier, they must learn to use their armor effectively in order to survive battle with the least amount of injury.

3. That They Would Keep the Faith

My boys love boats...especially the Titanic. When I think of shipwrecks, I think of the Titanic. It seemed unsinkable. In fact one of the selling points for passage was that is WAS unsinkable. People bought their tickets based on this “fact.” The fear that there must have been when the unsinkable ship sunk!
Teaching our children about our faith and how to stand strong in the face of adversity is the most important job that we have as parents. Helping them to live out their faith and to have a good conscience at the end of the day is possibly the second most important job.
No Christian is unsinkable. It doesn’t matter how strong our faith looks to others. It doesn’t matter how good our lives may look to outsiders. What matters is that we are taking time to build our ship, to reinforce the seam, to patch the leaks and to replace the rotting logs so that we don’t end up dashed against the rocks of worldliness and unbelief.

4. For Our Unsaved Children, that the Father Would Gently Woo Them to His Side

Pray that God would make Himself visible to our unsaved children. That one day they would respond to his daily calling and come to know the joy and peace that can be found in him.

5. That We Would Set a Positive Example

I’m not sure about you, but I fail daily, in many ways. One of my hopes is that through me my children would see God’s redemption and love, but I also fear at times that what they see in me may chase them away. The world will call it hypocrisy; I call it sinning. Those times when I speak out so loudly and fervently against something yet then go and do the exact same thing.
I pray that my children would see God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness played out in my own life and would not be hardened by my human struggles.
These are some of the new ways that I will be praying for my children over the year. As I draw closer to the Father in prayer I hope that I will find many more ways every year to best pray for my children; I also hope that you have found these five ways to pray for your children inspiring and maybe as convicting as I have.

After all....these sweet amazing little guys sure do deserve ferverant prayers from this mommas heart!! 

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