Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lyric's 2nd birthday letter from Mommy!

It really is true what they say "the days are long but the years are short." I cannot believe that you're already two and that it's been so long since you were that tiny baby I felt kicking me in my belly. And your first birthday was literally yesterday!

 I love watching you grow up and personally think you're only getting more adorable with age. You have such a great blend of us both but a personality that is ALL you! 

My most proud mom moment is the way you go with the flow! You adjusted so well this year with going from two naps to one...having to drop off your brothers, pick them up, being on the go go go this year and you do it all with such ease! 

You amaze me at how well you do in going to unfamiliar places. You are always so excited to go, run, and play at church, MOPS, playdates, etc!!

This past year has been so fun watching you develop and grow. Seeing those first steps, hearing you talk more and more, and doing things on command still is so magnificent in my eyes!! Seeing you do all those things for the first time is just so amazing! We have our tough moments too and I know this year will supposedly be a trying one but I'm sure we'll get through it. You have THEE sweetest personality and your daddy and I absolutely adore you!!!

Naps are your favorite thing and you are not a picky eater. So for now we got those two things going for us!! You still LOVE fruit! Anything in the fruit family and you gobble it up! AND like your brothers (and momma)'re a huge fan of ketchup on just about anything too!!

You love to swing, swim, go on walks, and be outside!!! I can not wait for nice weather again because you are such an out doors type of boy!! 

For the first two years of your life you have been a "mommas boy"! When we had our first son EVERYONE told me "boys just love their mamas," and man is it true. (and man am I ever thankful!)

We do spend SO much time together and have SO much fun. I have always loved having you on a schedule but it's also nice that as you're getting older the schedule is getting less demanding. We have a blast playing at the park, coloring together, seeing all our friends at play dates, and running errands.

Your biggest interest right now is AIRPLANES! Well let me take that back you have really been into airplanes because of the "Planes" movie for along time....but now you LOVE to fly them, make the sound, and carry them around! Which is even cuter because Lane was ALL semi trucks and trucks and this age, Luke was ALL trains at this age, and now you're ALL planes! So much fun having you little boys!

When you were born I fully appreciated how healthy you were. The older I get and the more tragedy I see other families face with their children, the more I realize how blessed we are to have you. Not only are you smart, social, fun, careful, adorable and adventurous but you're HEALTHY. Our doctor always go on and on about how perfect you are in every way. I take pride in that as I do believe so much of it has to do with me breastfeeding you as long as I did, but I am also just thankful to God for it. From head to toe you're perfect and I'm so glad He gave you to me! You have had an awesome healthy year! You and your brothers all had a one virus this year but it was short lived! 

I had the flu and we had some other sickness but you never got it! Recently you got your first ear infection! We knew you were sick because you cried at every nap and bedtime which is NOT like you. You have been on 10 day antibiotics three times to try to kick it and if it isn't gone at your 2 year check up (which is the day after your birthday) we will go to see a specialist. We have noticed a big improvement this last time and we are believing that you are healed from it in Jesus name!

 I truly believe you will love the Lord with all of your heart. You always get excited when I talk to you about going to church as we get ready and you love our times in prayer and carrying around your Bible. YOU LOVE BOOKS! You have the best relaxed personality and are so easy going.  I can see you being successful in anything you choose to do and I hope you always know that you have our support and love!

You are so precious Lyric! Your smile is absolutely contagious, and your sweetness blesses my heart beyond words!!! 

I am SO thankful God chose me to be your mommy and for you to be my sweet special one!! 
I love you my little crumb dog, crumbie, my-one to one to one!!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Lyric!! 

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