Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ABANDONED BLOG....UPDATE: Pregnant, New House, and SUMMER!!


The. end. of. March! That is a super long time to not update our blog! I am not sure I have ever gone that long between posts?!? And if I have....I was sure to be newly pregnant!

Baby Decker #4 is due December 24, 2016 and we are so so excited!!!
On top of that new and exciting news....we just moved!!! (another good excuse for no time to be blogging....which now is not a great time to either....I still have a few boxes that need unpacked in the baby's room and a storage she to go throught, but never the less....this also needed done also and sounded way more fun:)

We moved a couple weeks ago and are loving our new house! Because God is so good and I love His amazing timing I'll start from the end of March and update from there because I don't ever want to forget how this all worked out and went down!

So right around Easter weekend a lady that goes to our church came up to me and asked me if we would ever be interested in selling our house. Her mother in law lived directly behind us and she was just thinking how wonderful it would be for our house to workout and be the house for her mom and step dad(who was moving back up here from Florida) so they would basically be on the same property for her husband to do their yard work etc... So Of course I told her she was welcome to look at it (we were planning on listing our house next spring anyways) so she told me she would stop over one night after work that week! She came by and looked around and took some pictures and a little video to email to  her mom and said she would be in touch. That night at dinner Matt was pretty " you think we're gonna sell our house?" and it's not that I was being negative....but I wasn't be stressed or overly reactive (not normal Laurel fashion) about the whole thing. I was just kind of lazie faire about it and was like "who knows". I didn't overly dwell or pray or plead or beg over the next week....I just simply prayed...Lord you know what's best and that's what we want.

About a week later she emailed asking me the price we would need, an approximate amount for utilities etc... so I have her those details and the days went on. (A whole weekend I believe.) And on Monday morning she emailed me and said they wanted our house!!! I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!! I called my husband and he didn't answer so I called my dad.....and was like "Hey I think I just sold my house". Now let me state I didn't tell anyone she was coming to look at it...not because I didn't want to or because I was worried it wouldn't work etc....I merely didn't even think about it! So of course he was surprised and then told me to go to our lawyers office in which I did. So that was a Monday and Lane was turning 6 on Saturday and we were having his party. I was busy getting that ready that week and the lawyer was getting the contract all ready to go and we started looking at houses on line. 6 DAYS LATER(the day after Lane's birthday party) I found out I was pregnant!!

GOD IS SO GOOD!  We weren't even trying to sell our house...but He knew! He knew we would be pregnant, and He knew He wanted to bless us and work that out for us!

From then on we house hunted! First before going we just prayed that we would get the house that would help us serve God best and we  made a list of 10 things we wanted in our house and we were believing for 6 out of 10! At least 3 of Mattt's top 5 things and 3 of my top 5 things! We went through 7 houses. The house we ended up buying I didn't even really want to go through....the pictures on line did not do it justice. My friend Devin had gone through it before and said "no no no trust me!! It's great" so that was encouraging! It's not that I didn't like just wasn't my style. I was looking for an old Victorian two story house with lots of character! Which we did go through quite a few of those. But after seeing those....MAN they all needed lots of work. Character is great but structural and rennovations of super old houses are another thing. It's hard to find a house that is old, charming, and well kept! (and the one I know and love so very much that is... the owners weren't ready to move out of!!) So coming into this house that was NOT and old Victorian and NOT necessarily in town was just not appealing to me at first. But we came anyways. And boy am I glad we did! It was a 2000 square foot split level home sitting on 1.3 acres literally JUST out of town! We are in a subdivision that is  15 miles from main street, less than a mile from the highschool, junior high and elementary school, and only about 5 houses from my parents house!

Oh and as far as the stuff on our list.....
10 OUT OF 10 AND THEN SOME!!! We didn't put it on our list but I had mentioned I wanted to be able to have a really nice garden someday at our next house and Matt had mentioned he couldn't wait to have a basketball hoop and a flat drive way to shoot hoops with the boys and of course it has both of those!
Plus....we wanted 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and THIS HAS 5 bedrooms AND 3 bathrooms! A beautiful shed with a screened in porch (of course what hubby doesn't want a nice shed!) AND A FIREPLACE(a gorgeous hand crafted stone one with an amazing huge mantle and exposed beams in the room!) which I always wanted(but didn't make a must have!)
God is sooooo good!
He gives us exceedingly and abundantly MORE than we could ever ask, think, or imagine!!!

So here we are...I am almost 15 weeks pregnant (14 weeks 5 days to be exact) And I am now feeling much better...there was lots and lots of fatique in the beginning (and packing and moving I am sure increased that some!) and WAAAAYYY more nausea than I have ever experienced before! Especailly at night! I am feeling better and some nights are pretty good but most nights I feel like our bed is a boat and I am quite sea sick(I guess I would rather have it that way than feeling super sick in the morning when I was home alone with the boys)!
I truly am so thankful for each and every symptom though! And knowing this is our last baby makes me cherish and hold on even tighter to these pregnancy moments!!! 

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