Friday, August 12, 2016

The day Lane got saved....

I wish I could put real feelings on paper so that anyone reading this could feel how I felt today. 
I have prayed for this day since I was pregnant with our son. I have prayed that through all the wrongs and rights in parenting that the number one thing we would do right is lead our boys in the direction to want to accept Christ as their saviour and Lord....

and today Lane did! 

It wasn't after some magnificent sermon or worship wasn't in the midst of a hard struggle or a celebrating time. It was in our van...simple, honest, amazing, and a moment I'll never forget. 

For the last couple nights he has been spiking a low grade fever before bed and this morning I noticed some red spots in his throat so I Called the doctor and headed to Clinton to get him a check up. 

On our way at about 830am we were listening to the boys bible school songs on cd (like always!) and we weren't even singing or jammin out we were calmly  just driving along and Lane says out of no where 

"mommy when you go to heaven are you alive?"

So of course I explain to him about how you die on earth but yes you are alive in heaven in good detail. And he says are you going to go to heaven?, and I said yes a long long time from now ....then he wanted to know about daddy...and I said the same thing. 

Then he said how do you get "into" heaven....

RIGHT THERE-my heart felt promted for what was coming. 

It wasn't how do you get to heaven from earth etc....he wanted to know how you get IN!!!

So of course I tell him all the details about accepting Jesus into your heart, believing He died on the cross for your sins, and that he rose and is alive today and that you accept Him to be the Lord of your life and you pray it In Your heart and say it with your mouth...then when you die you will leave your earthly body and go up to heaven where Jesus will be waiting for you, and all your family that has died before you will be there too!

And he said "I have Jesus in my heart so will I go to heaven when I die?"....and so I said absolutely and then I asked him if he would like to be saved and know that no matter what Jesus will always accept him into heaven and 
he said yes.....
so we prayed....
right there in the van as I was driving down the road. 
I watched his tightly closed squinted eyes pray with me in his car seat from the rear view mirror  and then speak out of his sweet mouth and become saved! 
It was beyond what I ever thought it could be! 
When all was said and done he went back to looking out the window and I smiled huge all the way to Clinton! 
I was sure to give him a big hug and tell him I was so happy for him when we got to the doctor office!! 

Turns out he has a virus (hand, foot, and mouth) that will heal on its own (and his little bros have it too!)
And I've never been more thankful for a sickness and the opportunity to be in the van and have that moment with him today! 

The best part is before bed just Lane and daddy were sitting at the counter and i said "so Lane you want to tell daddy about what we talked about in the car on the way to the doctor today."

And he said "I accepted Jesus in to my heart". 

I just love how he said those words all on his own! 

Of course his daddy was so happy for him and told him so! 

Our hearts are SO very full and so very thankful!! 

Our biggest desire for Lane has come true! 
Praise be to God!! 
August 12, 2016! 
6 years old 

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