Monday, September 19, 2016

New house pics!

Our house is 5 bedrooms. Matt and I's bed room, Lyric's and the new baby all have bedrooms on the main floor!!
And it is 3 bathrooms! 1 full bath on main level(not pictured! Whoops! Will do that soon!) 
1/2 on main level, and 3/4 bathroom In has a little over 2000 square feet and 1.3 acres!! So much more room than we had before! We are so very grateful!! 
The front of our house (it is a split level!)
We hope to side it and put a garage up on the side of the house on the hill in 10 years (so we don't have to always use stair when coming and going)! We will then turn the garage into a family room in the basement! 

This is When you come Into the house from the garage...

There is a 3/4 bathroom right away to your left! The shower is huge and Lane and Luke use this bathroom since their bedrooms are downstairs and they love having their "own bathroom"! 

Next in that same hallway is our laundry room!

This is Lane's room! Still need to get some decorations on his walls 😀

And then the last room down the hall is Luke's room! Our boys have awesome closets but the downstairs bedrooms didn't have closet doors! We will be putting some up on them soon! 

***we also have 3 more doors in the basement-1 storage room& 2 storage closets! 

These are our stairs that are about 5 stairs up and then a landing where our front door is and then about 5 more stairs up to the main level and living spaces. 

This is our kitchen/dining area!

Hallway to the side door that leads out to a deck where our grill is...there is a pantry on the left and a 1/2 bath on the right!

1/2 bath off the kitchen 

This is the toy room right when you come up the stairs and turn left...the dining area is straight in front of you up the stairs. 

Our bedroom

Lyric's bedroom (we will repaint and decorate when we give him a big boy room soon!!)

This will be the babies room...currently storage of baby stuff! Lol! And no we did not paint it light blue for a came that way 😊

This is our fireplace room....our favorite room! The last picture with has a door leading out to our patio and big back yard!! 

This is standing on our back hill right where we will eventually build another garage! 

Swing set and shed

Upper fire pit and garden 

Our big beautiful back hill with lots of trees and the shed with the screened in porch and another bonfire pile!! 

Our patio! 

We are so blessed and so very thankful to have more than we could ever deserve!! To Him be the glory! 

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