Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Blog Land" reflectiong on "Never Once Did We Ever Walk Alone"

Like I had stated in my first post...before we started going through this situation with Luke, I was kind of wanting to start a blog because I have two girl friends that do a weekly blog about the same subject and link them up getting encouragment from each other and other people involved. Here is my first "Linking up" Blog...Hope I can figure it out....I am new to "BLOG LAND"!
This week it is revolving around Matt Redman's song NEVER ONCE you can view it here.....
Of course this song SOO REGISTER'S in my life right now with everything we are going through.
To me...this is our victory song that I am singing now in my heart and will be singing loudly at the top of my lungs when this is all said and done. I am already loudly singing "NEVER ONCE DID WE EVER WALK ALONE" because that is so true already and the surgery isn't even done. God is so faithful and never once did HE leave us on our own and we know HE won't either. Here is a little testimony inregards to that...from the day we found our about this of course HE was there...on our way home all I kept thinking about was how in that moment of being a parent myself and needing to be there for my child, that although my husband was there and is so amazing and makes me feel so much better just by hugging me...I felt as though I also wanted the love and touch of my parents(I think we'll always feel that way in certain situations...ecspecially painful ones...) and I couldn't wait to tell them about what I had found out so they could hug me and tell me it was going to be ok. That day when we got home from the doctor my mom was already at my house watching our 2 year old so...check....I knew she was going to be there for me, but my dad was at work...well if you read my first post on here "Introduction to Deckerville and the current situation" then you have already heard this story but if you haven't...when we got home from the doctor and pulled into our garage I got out of the van and looked out the garage door and my dad was walking up the driveway, he was there in that moment when I needed him to be, to catch me as I wanted to fall and hug me when I needed to be held. We were so thankful they were there to tell us our son would be ok and to encourage us. HE knew what I needed...without even asking HE was right there with me, answering the longing desire of my heart and giving me my mom AND my dad in that moment. After we found out we weren't going to be going to Iowa City(due to our insurrance which just changed in January and this is now Febuary) and the doctors office said they'd look into some where in Illinois my husband got on the computer and immediatly went to the internet and looked up Chicago. Matt found and AMAZING neurosurgeon that was not only just that but also a pediatric one and a professor teaching students who desire to become a neurosurgeon. Once we saw his face and read his bio Matt said there is just something about Chicago that gives me a peaceful feeling and sure enough after ONE phone call we got an appointment with that doctor. HE knew just what HE was doing when we switched our insurrance around, HE knew just what HE was doing through my husband when we he looked online giving him that peace with Chicago. HE was right there with us, leading us as we were finding our way. We prayed and prayed for a successful trip into the city to not miss our appoinment or be late as we so badly wanted some information...and low and behold we had a perfect trip. Luke slept the whole way, we had great luck with traffic, we didn't miss a turn and in the midst of construction somehow we turned right into the parking garage and the exact place we were suppose to go and made it right to the correct floor just by getting off the elevator and turning right without even knowing. HE was there during our second appointment as we went to have Luke's ct scan done. We had no knowledge of the fact that we were going to have to spend the night if Luke was awake when it came time for the scan and needed to be sedated. Well sure enough he was awake and of course HE was there...working in the hearts of the nurses who did everything possible to get him to lay still to get it without sedation...and they did and we got to go home.It's the little things folks that we sometimes don't even realize but when we do GLORY BE TO GOD! HE has been there through even more things through our journey but these are just to say a few(believe me I can think of many more situations such as these but that would take up alot more time in blog land.) What it boils down to is... HE IS FAITHFUL. Never once have we felt like we were alone. Even though there are literally "scar's and struggles" on their way...we know we will be carried by HIS constant grace and held within HIS perfect peace. One thing that this song makes me think of is... HE WILL BECAUSE HIS WORD SAYS HE WILL....HE IS ABLE, HE IS WILLING, HE IS FAITHFUL. More than ever my hope is in YOU because YOU ARE FAITHFUL.

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