Thursday, July 19, 2012

REFLECTIONS.....OYE much for doing my "reflections" last Thursday like I said I was going too. :-/ It is quite discouraging when I don't do it, and not because everyone else is bumbed about pidly ole' me not blogging about it but because I truley enjoy it. I LOVE reading my good friends Kim and Brittnay's awesome blogs every Thursday and it's so encouraging to read them AND write! (If you haven't read theirs YOU NEED TOO.... is my Friend Kim's blog and Is my friend Brittnay's blog! They are such great amazing "pastor's wives " and are such encouragers. Ok so today I will "bundle" my blog session with last weeks reflection and this weeks. Last weeks was based off an amazing message Kim's husband did from the book of James (and it was an encouragement on "DOING" in life) and this week's was to update others on your daily walk with God. Ok....YIKES I FEEL AS THOUGH MAYBE I HAVE NOT BLOGGED FOR A REASON. Because honastly.... my "doing skills" and "walking skills" have both been challenged. Anyone else ever feel the same?? I have a million excuses...2 kids in less than 2 years(need I say more? lol no really it's not that big of a challenge that is where the problems lyes....but I'll get back to that), my husband, my clients, cleaning, cooking, changing kid's rooms around, having a cold, trying to find time to excersize, catching up on my DVR, my dog, seeing my family, checking in with friends, the loss of my husbands great grandma and grandpa and many other things. Are they all valid? YEP. Do they all matter? Yep. Do they need to be excuses in life? NOPE. Here is the thing that I feel like I gained from Josh's message(well I gained ALOT of things but....) WE NEED TO MAKE EXCUSES! YES YES YES WE DO. But not excuses do NOT do something but excuses TO DO something. We are always making reasons why we can't do something but never finding the time do something....well what if that was flipped? What if we couldn't find the time to do the things we shouldn't and always made an excuse for the things we should. I know I'd get alot more done.  Here is where the problem lyes...excuses! Having 2 kids in less than 2 years is obviously eventful but is it so time consuming I can't even take 20 minutes to blog each week and keep another aspect of Godly encouragement in my life...absolulty not! I find time to "facebook" or watch my DVR or do all those other things(which is fine ) but then I say "oh I've been soo busy with this this and this so I haven't had time". Well that is bull! I've had the time...haven't made the time. That leads me into this weeks reflection....updating others on your "daily" walk with God. Well here is the moment of TRUTH.....Oh wait I already told you... I'm really busy and don't always get my perfect amount of daily time in with Him...and that is ok right? because I have valid reasons for it??!! NOPE...I dont. And not because HE is mad at me that I didn't spend enough time with Him but that I am Mad at me, not because it makes me feel guilty because of the type of God He is because that's not Him either....He is a loving God and the same God today as he was the days I was on my knees and face crying out to him in despair....He loves me the same. But I feel better and NEED a daily time with Him. Ever heard "Start your day with God...It'll end better" Well It's the Truth!! Yes God wants us each day to speak to him in a relationship; requests when need be "PLEASE LORD", shout outs "THANK YOU GOD OR PTL", or watching sermons on tv or podcasts on the internet...yes all of those things are GREAT and should not be stopped...but what about making the excuse to "DO SOMETHING" everyday for yourself with God? We drop everything to get our work out regimine in right? We often postpone things with people until that is done, or our daily "reading of the FB wall" but what about that "daily, habitual time with God." I will be honast ....alot of days I do spend that time with him but alot of days I don't. I often feel as though if I read my daily Joesph Prince or Beth Moore or Joyce Meyer devotional then that is good enough....and is it good? yes...but is it enough?? NO...not for me it's not. I remember that one time when I was watching a sermon on tv Joyce Meyer said "It's great that you are watching this and hearing the word of God from me....but if this is honastly the only time you're going to hear from Him today then turn the tv off right now and meet with Him" and that is so true. It needs to be a daily habbit like brushing our teeth. I find that seeking him FIRST in the morning is best for me. It makes my whole day go smoother...yes I still enjoy watching those things, listening to praise music while walking or running, and talking to Him at night but DAILY making the habit to talk to him, read his word, pray, whatever it may be is what I like to do in the morning before my kids are awake.

Mark 1:35
Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

So updating people on my "daily" walk with hasn't been so good...and honastly I have found myself too busy to get those special times in with Him. and My DOING is obviously effected by my priorities so I can't really update everyone on that. So reflections for this week and last were a major REALITY CHECK FOR ME!! And a much needed one! This is why I blog! And this is why I love my friends that blog on the same encourages me to get back to "doing" and spreading the good that is my goal for this week. Next weeks reflection I will be joining my friends in reflection on the same topic that we all admitted we could be better at and will let you all know how I do with my daily walk!!

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  1. LOVE THIS.....LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Honestly so thankful to have you in my life...if even so far away! Xx Such great insight Laurel!!!