Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Luke's Appointment

Well I was hoping to keep my blog up a little better than I have in the past 3 weeks but obviously that hasn't happened!! First of all Luke is doing FABULOUS! He is sooo cute and so fun and I CAN NOT believe he is going to be 5 months old this Saturday. The first months before the surgery seemed like they took forever and now his surgery was a month ago and that post surgery month was the fastest month of all. It's so hard to believe it was a month ago. Luke is right on track for his age. He is rolling over both ways and even sitting up for a few seconds at a time by himself. He will pull himself up and stand on our laps just by holding our hands and he is a GIGGLE BOX. Laughs all the time!!! He is nawing on everything in site and eating cereal on a spoon in the high chair twice a day. It is fun that he can play in his excesaucer and toys like that because Lane loves to join in and show him how they work and Luke LOVES to watch him do EVERYTHING!! So excited for these 2 boys to grow up together. They are both so wonderful in their own ways and I already see their personalities shining through and reflecting on how they are the same and different:) It's alot of fun. Yesterday we took Luke to Chicago to meet with out plastic surgeon. He was so happy when he saw him and said he "looks fabulous". He said his forehead and right side of his head looks exactly as it should but the left side of his head still protruding a bit to far so he will need to wear a helmet(which we kind of expected and are totally ok with...most children do wear helmets for a few months after such a major reconstruction). Here is a few pictures that really show off the spot on his head that needs the fine tuning.....

These pictures kind of show the gradual decrease in how the bump
has gone down on its own but the plastic surgeon said it's just best while the bones are soft to form it into 100 % perfection! Which is fine by us. We are looking foward to having his head be perfect and preventing any issues in the future by being proactive. The surgeon said he would guess that Luke will only need it for 3 months but he will leave that time frame up to the Orthotist. We go in a couple weeks to have his head casted then we will go back a week or two later to get the helment then it sounds like we will be going back every week-three weeks old to have it fitted and adjusted(sounds kind of like braces for your teeth). So it will be lots of driving and doctors appointments but we are SOOO THANKFUL Chicago is filled with amazing people to help us and that it isn't that far away.We are sooo happy with the results on his surgery and we give all the glory to God for his amazing and quick healing. His head, his incission, the scaring EVERYTHING is better than expected GLORY BE TO GOD!! And on top of that Luke has been doing wonderful and Lane is so wonderful and handles everything with a grain of salt!! Good ole' Lane has been through alot the past few months with having a new brother brought in his life, parents that shed alot of tears(even tho they tried to keep them from him), extra visitors, lots of  play time with ammy and poppy while mommy and daddy went to appointments, staying in Chicago at a different place, learning to be paitent, learning to share(his stuff and ecspecially his parents and now his ammy and poppy and aunt jessie and uncle j because Luke came into the picture and his new baby Cohen), he went to his first visitation for his great great grandma and was quiet and very good boy, and so much more. He is TWO and yes there are moments and I do understand where the "terrible two's " stemmed from however I am focusing on Mark 11:22-24 and believing I WILL HAVE WHAT I SAY....... and I am saying Lane is going through the "terrific two's" with moments in between;) We are now onto transitioning him into a toddler bed which we will be doing here soon in the next week or so, and are working on potty training still, and limited pacifier time, and he is doing so great with everything. We are just so proud of him!! So here is a picture for a shout out to his wonderfulness....
And Last but NOT LEAST.....MY AMAZING HUBBY!! He is doing GREAT....BETTER THAN GREAT ( I can't even find the words). He has just been so incredibly wonderful this past month helping in everyway he can with both boys, house work when needed, ect.... He has made this month so wonderful as Luke was healing and we were adjusting!! He has lacked in sleep so many times to try to make me Lane and Luke rest. He is just beyond amazing and through this all I could not be more blessed to be even closer to him. He is simply wonderful and I give God so much thanks everyday for him!!

Thank YOU again for the love prayers and support for our family !! Will work on blogging more thorughout the helment processes and uploading pictures of his cuteness!!!!!!!  and I'll be back tomorrow blogland to link up with my great friends on "reflecting" :)

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  1. Love you guys. I'm so glad Luke's appointment went so well. He will look like a stud in his helmet! I'm know it :) I'm glad that the worst part of this is over and now you guys can focus on being a happy healthy family! Love to all of you.