Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lyric Matthew

It's time to give credit where credit is due.....Lyric Matthew here is your debut to deckerville.... We are SO in love with you!!!! Born Febuary 18, 2014...7lbs 15 oz and 20 1/2 inches long!! You are incredibly perfect!!!!
You have ALOT of commotion to live with and are adapting great!! Your brother Lane  loves you sooooo much and is a great helper! He asks to hold you all the time and is so sweet when you cry. 
Your big brother Luke loves you too but doesn't show it quite yet....since he just turned two he is more concerned with climbing getting in the fridge and coloring on things he shouldn't than spending time gah gah over you...BUT he did kiss you right away when he met you and he is very sweet to you when he does stop running to notice you!!;)
You have THEE best daddy who adores you and loves to hold you!! He loves his night time in the chair once the other two are in bed to just hold you and love you while you sleep! Your daddy works SO hard to provide for this family and still gives us his all every night!!! 
And as for me....I am so in awe of you. Your personality is already amazing at one week old and you are soooooo beautiful. You love to sleep with me and so far will nap in your swing too! You are breast fed and are eating great and I love bonding with you! I love our time of day when we catch an afternoon catnap and I can just stare at you!!! 

We thank God for blessing is with you and are soooooo grateful you are who you are! Welcome to our family! You make it even more perfect! We love you!

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