Friday, May 23, 2014

Update in Deckerville

Look at this amazing little face!!!! I thought I'd start this post off with a big smile from good ole' Lukie boy!! As most of you know I originally started this blog when we had him and found out he was going to undergo a major cranial plastic surgery. It was a great place to keep my thoughts and to keep everyone updated as well! Since all of that it has been some what of a spriatic blog...posting here and there with updates over the past 2 BUSY (blessed) years! I would like to post more (I know I know I always say that;) and really think I am going to work hard to keep up at it this summer! I LOVE that I can go back and re-read every detail of what we went through (revisiting that sounds awful right now) and I know someday I will be glad I have all of this to show Luke and our family! So I am going to press forward blogging and try to blog much more on us as a family and not just pertain it to Luke! (Sorry buddy...but it's time to share the blog-light with the other two;) However I will go ahead and give Luke most of this post as we are approaching our 2 year post surgery date! I spoke with the University  of Chicago Medicine yesterday and they scheduled his 2 year check up for June 10th. I have to admit just seeing that name on my phone makes me weak in the knees (ick!) but I am soooo looking forward to this post surgery check up since there will be NO ct scans, blood work, IV's, anesthetic etc... Like last year! They literally will be measuring his head and doing a visual analysis and THAT'S IT FOLKS!!! Best appointment ever needed for him there and even though it sounds like we will only get about 15 mins with his plastic surgeon and we just had his head measured by his regular pediatrician when he was 2(and he was in the 50th percentile Thank you Lord) and it's going to be a 6 hour round trip give or take with is still going to be sooo great to have the peace of mind (or should I say peace of flesh?!? Because my heart and soul are so euphoric about Luke. God has granted me an Unstopable peace that I will forever hold onto that he will always remain perfect and healthy and whole just as he is today) anyways it will be a good peace of mind to hear that everything is okay with his head and how it has grown size wise and how his skull has shaped this past year! Luke has been one tough, brave, and courageous little boy his whole life and it continues to carry on each day. We are so grateful for him and love his strong willed personality! He is harder to reason with that what we were use to from Lane but we see such an awesome persistence in Luke and know he will be an amazing leader in life!!! Please join us in praying for an amazing report in June for Luke! God has been so good through EVERYTHING!! I am in such a better place in my life now that I can look back at what He has brought me through to strengthen me for anything I may have to go through in the future. (Take that tried but God still used it all for my good! Ha!)
      As for the rest of us...we are great! Lane will be going to preschool in the fall! We visited the Christian preschool down the street and loved it! (Luke loved it too!;) I can't believe my little mister is 4 and going to preschool in a few months! This mommy is having some major growing pains!! 
And as for Lyric he is sooo adorable,chunky, and amazing! He just turned 3 months old...he sleeps awesome(in our room still...but we are getting ready to transition the big boys to sharing a room here soon so Lyric can at least nap in the nursery....they all sleep soo soo good we have to do this?! Lol! I'm sure it may take some adjusting but it will work out:) oh and Lyric takes a binky(finally!! After buying NINE different brands) and the one he takes is an old one I found in my husbands nightstand that we must have tried when Lane was little and guess what ITS DISCONTINUED!! Not only is it not sold in stores it's not made any more!! They are going on eBay for 30bucks for two! GAHHHH!!! But hey when you're exclusively breastfeeding and have two other toddlers and a baby that thinks "mommy" is a pacifier you will pay just about anything!(or at least I would;)!!! (Finally now he can stop picking on me about being 30 for the past 3 months!) and I must say he is better looking today than he has ever been!!;)

AND we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary this month!!! He is the best decision I have ever made!!
So thankful for my awesome husband and this amazing life he has provided for me and our boys. Looking forward to the future and forever with him!!! And of course I give God ALL the glory from whom all blessings flow!!! Amen!!!!!
(Hope to be back soon...I did just make some amazing Carmel bars...I may have to blog about that so the boys can look back remember how I baked for them! Lol;)

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