Monday, May 26, 2014

Family fun with the Deckers

Well after a fun Memorial Day weekend I thought I would share some fun stuff we did. On Friday Nate and Danielle had us all over to cook out. It was great to get to see little Maverick! I even got the privilege of getting to bounce, and sway with him for a while until he fell asleep. Love that newborn baby snuggles....and as we all have these little ones it is important to try to get my hands on my nephews and niece when I get a second and my own busy hands are free( because those free handed moments are far and few between;) Nate built an awesome little mini hay rack for the back and the kiddos LOVED riding on it!! (I even heard Luke talking about it on his monitor as he was falling asleep that night) 

Then On Saturday my hubby had to work(thankful for the overtime but we sure missed him). The boys and I had a day like any weekday. We played outside and I did a few things around the house and then we walked up to the bank and the farmers market!! Love our small town market. Then we went to get groceries and to Paul's! We got Cohen's birthday present (a ken worth semi,a John Deere combine, a truck for his sandbox and a yellow train that looks like a Union Pacific train...courtesy of Uncle Matt of course;)
Sunday was a great morning at church followed by my sis and Lyric and I going to visit Grandma Landheer in the hospital. She fell and broke her hip. She is so tough and looked really good for just having hip surgery...and I think little Lyric was the perfect medicine she needed! Then we went out to Donna and Randy's house and cooked out....the boysABSOLUTELY love it out there! Horses,big open fields to run in, barns to play in, pine trees to run through etc... We are so thankful for a fun farm for them(and more importantly for great grandparents!)
Monday-Memorial Day! We went to the parade in our lasts 10 minutes but has a lot of meaning packed into those 10 minutes!! They boys couldn't wait to watch the fire tricks. 
Here we are on our way...
And mommy and Lyric

And my parents went too. We walked by their house on the way and they joined us. Here is their dog Riley's first blog appearance! Lol;-) she is a wonderful 11 years young 
Here is the boys waiting(a patient as they know how...for it to begin) 
It was a great weekend! So thankful that Matt was off work Monday but even more thankful for the past soldier and their sacrifice!! Hope you all had a great weekend too!!

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