Friday, June 6, 2014


We'll I feel like there is A LOT to add to update the blog! Ok so where did we leave off...Memorial Day that's right....ok so that night we put Luke in his new bed (a new crib that turns into a toddler bed but we are leaving it as a crib for a while yet😉) in Lanes room!!! Brothers sharing a room!!! It was soooo sooo sweet hearing them talk as best buds that night. They were giggling and so amazing! Look at this cute little boy all excited about his new bed in Big brothers room 

Excited would be an understatement!!!! The first night was a lot of talking but we intervened here and there to set a precident for "bed time" while also enjoying listening to the amazing sound of brothers becoming even closer on the monitor! Our hearts were fluttering to say the least!!! So that night it was late to sleep and as most of you know late to sleep for toddlers does NOT mean late to rise! And actually in this instance it actually meant earlier to rise! Lane was soo soo SO happy to have Lukie in there he was awake at 540am looking in his brothers bed to make sure he was first! But this continued day after day through out that week...late to sleep...early to rise. (Yes...we put them to bed 30-45 mins early so they'd fall asleep sooner...yes it seemed to help as far as timing goes) but they were still over tired...and when they are over tired they are fussy!!! Hence this new little randition on the bible verse James 1:19 that I taught Lane that week...
The real version..."be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry" Lane's version "be a good listener, wait to talk, don't throw a fit" he has it memorized to a tee(along with 10 plus more verses...I'm so proud of my sweet smart sir!!) anyways...did it help YES!!! BUUTTT he was still tired and still a little "off" and so was Luke! The proof is in the pudding folks😜
So as the week went on the good news is there was no 2am shennanigans PTL!! And they napped every day!!!! Whoo hoo!!! 
Then on the weekend Nate and Danielle and their kids came over for a cook out is Mavrick and Lyric! 3 months apart! So cute!!!!!
And on Saturday we finally made it to Morris so great papa goose could meet Lyric! It was such an awesome visit! We loved every minute there and the boys were so good!!! Great in the car and so well behaved at Papas house!!! He of course gave them new cars and a semi to share!! He is such a thoughtful Papa and I'm so blessed he is mine!!! And look at this awesome picture I got of him with me and my boys!!!!!! Melts my heart! 

On Sunday we had a great day at oneighty church and then went to my cousins grad party and then we went to our pastors house. 
After a looonngggg time of praying about it we decided to leave our church home. Now I know lots of you reading this have a church home...however I feel like I can rightfully say this was like a home to us. There was absolutely no other "place" that me and the boys spent as much time each week besides our home than there. We are very blessed that daddy played in the praise and worship band and had practice before service started so we were there at least 3 hours every Sunday! In 2013 we only missed church twice!! Once for a sickness and once because we were visiting our friends and went to their church out of town! So we def spent a good amount of time there through out the year! We were not only happy with the sermons but we had a crazy amazing relationship with the people there...ALL of matts siblings and nephews and niece go there and both set of his parents. Let alone the people of the congregation were great friends that were like family. So why leave right?? EXACTLY! That's what we thought when we started feeling different promptings to leave. However God is relentless in His callings and He didn't give up. For a long time we were feeling called to serve at a church in our community &  to raise our boys in church in the town they will live in and go to school in. It was a hard decision to make but we had multiple signs and reassuring moments that we were making the right decision. God gave us both a peace about this change and once we decided we spent a good week praying for our pastor& his wife to have receptive hearts about this decision along with our entire families hearts too!! It was an answered prayer as they all seemed to take it well and support us! We are SO thankful for that...Lynne and Paul are amazing friends of ours and are as close to us as family and our family is our very best friends. We are so so SO grateful that God prepared their hearts to understand. I know if one of them would have left our church I would have never been mad but my flesh would have probably screamed "say whhhhaaaatttt?? You're breaking up our awesome Sundays?! Don't you want to raise our kids in the same church? What about lunch?! " But nobody said that to us. Everyone was just like "you gotta do what Gods called you to do" (and that's just how good they all are...acting the way a Christian should...can't say I always do that but I try. And we are so Blessed that they did!)
We have felt lead to attend crossroads church in Morrison and did that today. It went really well!!! They boys did so good going right into their class rooms(Luke was a little apprehensive but I can't blame him! were we;) Lane jumped right in and said "Hi I'm Lane Decker and I went to a train station yesterday" (post to come on that awesome day we had!) 
Here is a pic of our boys this morning before our first new church experience...they looked SO cute...
And kisses for baby brother
And Lyric wore shoes for the first time! So sweet
We really enjoyed the worship and sermon! The people there were very nice and very welcoming! And we even ended up sitting by very amazing special people that we love so much michele and Alex becker! They don't attend there regularly...they were just visiting for the weekend(coincidence?? I think not!)and they walked in during p&w and were looking for a seat and there were 2 right by us! A comforting feeling for sure! A little extra love that God put there just for us! They are my best friends parents and are like another set of parents in a way yet just very great friends too! Couldn't have asked for a better surprise! Thank you that isn't family but feels like family...when we are away from our family the first Sunday! God is good!!

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