Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2 year post surgery check up!

Well June 4th marked the 2 year anniversary of Luke's surgery. After his surgery And multiple check ups And wearing a helmet for 3 months we were released at his one year post surgery check up to only be seen once a year until he was five. It seems like it was yesterday we were at his 1 yr post check up and today was already his 2 year check up!! Even though we had a pretty good feeling he would get a great report it is still SO nerve racking to have to go there. Just seeing the phone number show up on my phone when they called to make the appointment made me weak in the knees. Packing our bags for the day, getting lanes stuff ready for my mom, updating Our i pass account, getting up early, sneaking quietly through the house, waking up Luke and getting him dressed and leaving while it's still somewhat dark out, and driving into the city and too that building is down right sickening for us. We have to mind over matter the whole thing every step of the way!! This appointment I have to say was the least of our worries because this year he didn't need a ct scan and didn't need to be put to sleep or have any blood work.(That nightmare is all very fresh in minds.)
   As we pulled in to park at the parking garage I was not surprised to find our same parking spot right there waiting for us.  I am NOT exaggerating...EVERY.SINGLE.APPOINTMENT we have had the same parking spot  (give or take a spot to the right or left) since our very first appointment. This is a 5 story parking garage with hundreds of cars in it. I am not really sure why that is...but I know it is a blessing that God has reserved us a place and we definaly are comfortable parking there and finding our way into the huge place and back to our car so that is a huge blessing in itself! So we went into the building riding the same elevator that we always did to the sky bridge and then...there it was...the hospital across the street and the window to his room from the pediatric intensive care unit room. It is a terrible terrible feeling to look at that building and that window but what's amazing is...in a blink of an eye we changed our focus to Luke in the stroller and all the sudden it is thee best feeling ever! If we hadn't gone through what we did...we wouldn't have what we have! Luke is such an awesome boy! He was the BEST baby and one year old! He slept great all the time! Napped well, rode in his car seat well, took his binky great, rode in his stroller awesome, was so easy going, sat for long periods of time with out fussying, ate anything and everything, and was never ever in a tizzy about anything! We had people comment all the time how good he was! We were even with friends once at a fall festival pumpkin patch thing and our buddy said "is he always like this ?" And Matt and I realized we had been there for hours chasing Lane around etc...and there luke sat in his stroller! We were instantly like "oh um...here ya go Luke...you thirsty buddy?! Should we get him out for a bit?!" Lol!!! Easy going was an understatement! Just such an amazing in every way baby and one year old! Now that he is 2 he is still very passive...at times...but this new "super determined" personality has came about! It may be the age or it may just be a new part of Luke but we are embracing every little fit and loving him for those too!!! He knows what he wants and doesn't want and sticks to it! A natural born leader!!!(equals a sometimes hard to reason with toddler haha!) BUT we didn't have our children to impress anyone else or expect them to be perfect and pleasing to the world all the time(though we do try to discipline them well and teach them to be as pleasing to their surroundings as possible)..we had them for us to love and to raise as God fearing, world changing boys and that is where we keep our focus!! Luke is sooooo much more of a life changing individual to me than I can guarantee I have ever been to anyone else! I am so grateful. 
  The appointment went great!!!! Dr. Reid measured his head and felt it! It was 48.3 centimeters and had no gaps(we didn't even know that could be an issue but we are so glad it isn't) and his head is right under the 50th percentile on the chart!! He asked us developmental an behavior questions and seemed very pleased with him! Then he took Luke to get stickers and kind of made it clear for us to pack our things up and not come with. I didn't really pick up on that but my super smart hubby did. After Doc and Luke got back He applauded Luke for his awesome manners and said he said thank you right away! Then he sent us on our way until June 2015!! As we headed back to the bathrooms and elevator Matt pointed out how Dr Reid took him by himself away for a second and we realized he was checking him out a little. Making sure Luke walked right and talked right etc! I appriciate that they do that! I am sure it is hard to admit something is wrong with your own child! I mean in all honesty I don't we all think our own children are pretty great?!? Luckily in our case...our Doctor saw that Luke is pretty great too!!!
Here is a few pics from today...

On our way reading books

We brought along Luke's(someday) little side kick;) he was a good boy
Here is Luke playing in the waiting room with the new semi daddy bought him and opened and surprised him with once we checked in...

Then out to lunch at mcdonalds to celebrate! We ate right by a truck stop and Luke LOVED IT! Honking his arm, telling us if there was "no trailer on the back" Volvo, peterbilt, etc!
Heading home...
And out like a light...
And little brother too...
Best driver ever 
We are so humble by Gods goodness in our lives! We give Him all the glory!!!!! 

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