Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hard times...

When we go trough trouble in our lives...it's SOOO HARD to look away from them. Taking your focus off you and your personal situation is NOT easy! Especially today in our society it sure isn't easy at all. It's all about what I can get, do, have, and prepare for myself. There definatly are awesome people, places, etc...that are more for others than themselves but wouldn't you say that majority is a little selfish!?! I am not being judgemental(ok I guess call me what you want maybe I  am judging society a little...but please let me include myself). I too am guilty of focusing on ME and what I need and what I have. That is why when someone is going through some sort of trial isn't it easy to focus on themselves, the issues, the need, what they have etc?! Well sure it is...something's are worthy of that and can swallow you up if you let them. And there is no diluting that some situations in life are visible ones....so how do we take our eyes off of the situation when everytime we look we can see the situation in front of us?!?! It's very hard to experience Gods peace when you aren't letting it flow to you (by stressing, thinking, TALKING(come on folks...can I get "heard that") and so on and so on! Trust me when someone is having an issue that's all they talk about (some bottle it in and some talk and talk and talk and talk about their drama!) well let me tell you...I've been there! How can I over come something if I don't stop thinking about it, looking at it, talking about it, reading about it ??? It's never going to go away when you are feeding your problems with fear...worry...dread...etc! It takes OBEDIANCE!! You don't eat 21 meals on Sunday morning for the whole week do you?! Nope little by little you feed yourself to survive and be healthy! Well little by little(ESPECIALLY while going through a season in life) you need to feed yourself the word of God! We live in a microwave society of want it and want it now! So of course we want to "let it go" right now....but surrendering for me is a constant thing! Not because I don't believe it when I say "I'm letting it go" but because I am Human!!! Because my flesh, society, visible situations all make whatever I am goin through so revelent that it is hard to not go back to noticing the situation at hand or doing a little dwelling! TO KEEP THE PEACE....I HAVE TO KEEP PRAISING! Did you hear that...let me try again TO KEEP THE PEACE.... I HAVE TO KEEP PRAISING! In the midst of a storm you have to praise him like the last time He brought you through saying "surely Lord you are good you took care of this, and that, and this, and that! I remember when this happened in my favor...thank you God that happened and that you got is through that one time!" Look....you're already looking at what HE HAS DONE not at what needs to be done! Already there is a peace like whew we made it! Before you even have a problem God has the plan of deliverance! Again that sounds good now but let it sound good over and over and over! In and out of you through out your storm! Acting as if you aren't going through one when you are! Taking your eye off of what YOU need and putting them on what HE has done(and what He will do again!) That's the beauty of it peeps...God is not a one stop shop...He is a NEVER ending supply of blessings!(even when it doesn't feel like it....even when you are like "really God why me" (been there)) HE IS! Let's thank Him for what He has done and let the whole world know when this storm is over that HE once again brought you through!! 

1 Chronicles 16:8 NLT

"Give thanks to the LORD and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done."

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