Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mommy's 3rd Birthday Letter to Luke

(Matt and I decided that we were going to do our best to try and keep this blog up for our boys and to write them a birthday letter. So here is my letter for Luke!!)

My dearest Lukie boy,
I can't even start to type this letter without having tears in my eyes of joy.
Happy THIRD birthday!! How did you get so big!?!
You are such a blessing to me and have so many amazing attributes to your character and personality! But I must say the one that stands out the most is...
You are THEE FUNNIEST kid!

You are seriously ALWAYS doing something silly! I love that and encourage it maybe even a little too often;)

 From year 2-3 you really started to come into your own and not just try to be like your brother! You learned the word NO(thank you) and have completely utilized it well in knowing what you want and don't want!! You are amazing at deciding what you want. Sometimes it is a struggle to get you to do things you don't want to do because you are very strong willed and determined BUT that is not a bad's actually a very very good thing!! I am so thankful that you take a little extra convincing sometimes...because it gives me the opportunity to thank God that you are going to be such a leader in life and that is something I ALWAYS pray for you boys!!

You LOVE to read and be read too! And I am so thankful for that! 

You had a PERFECT check up again for your annual visit to the plastic surgeon from your major cranial surgery when you were a baby! God is so good! And we are so thankful!! 

Last year at your second birthday you were really into Thomas the train and all the characters! And while you still very much like Thomas you have evolved into loving steam engines, diesels, and monster trucks A LOT lately! You also have loved dusty crophopper from the planes movie and lightening mcqueen from the movie cars this year!
(You also got potty trained at 2 1/2!! While you still have the occasional #2 accident you were quite easy to go! You wanted to be just like big bro!)

You talked well at 2 and were so smart with knowing your abc's by to spell your name your colors and counting etc...BUT NOW that you are turning 3 there isn't anything you don't know (age appropriate of course!) you even know how to recognize and read some words from watching Lane work on site words!! You always read play, mom, the, Lane, dad, it, train, and few other words! You can repeat every word of a book like no other now! And there is no way mommy can skip a word because you totally notice!! You know all your shapes (even the tricky ones) and you are amazing at knowing what all your letters sound like!! You are so fun to talk to and have great manners!!

You go to MOPS every other Wednesdays with mommy and even the nursery workers say how well you sit for the story and how interested in crafts you are now! You're growing up so fast!
And you DOOO love crafts! You love to paint, color, do stickers, puzzles...and especially PLAY-DOH! I think I may have used the word addicted a couple times with you and play doh because it brings you so much joy and you're attitude when you want it is very "nneeeedd" my play doh!;)

Your love language is defiantly still physical touch! You love to hold hands, be patted or rubbed, hugged, kissed, squeezed, tickled, rough housed...anything like that! (And I am so thankful for that because I love that too!!)
We have had a lot of good just me and you snuggle moments while Lane is at school and Lyric takes his morning nap! 
These moments are sooo soo dear and special to my heart...I don't even have words to describe how I love my moments with you and that smile! 

You have been a TREMENDOUS big brother to Lyric his first year of love getting his binky or taking big boy toys from him to give him a baby toy for him to be safe!

You have also been an OUTSTANDING little brother too! You are so easy going about Lane going to school, or tumbling, and doing things you don't get to yet! Even though you want too go never throw a fit about it! You are always so loving says "have a good day Lane" or "how was school today"
Sometimes when we go get groceries just me, you, and Lyric you will try to talk to Lane like he is still behind you in the car because you forgot he was gone! You love him so so so much!!

And man does he ever love you!! I wish you could see the way Lane protects he is territoral of you in public and how when you get in your determined mode to get something he he may fight for a quick second- but 99% of the time he give it to you right away because he just wants you to be happy!!

I am so thankful for the bond you have with your brothers! 

I am also SOOOO THANKFUL for the bond you have with me! You still are such a mommas boy!
Even though I think it may offend people when you won't let them do something for you and you'd rather it be mommy...I am ok with it. I know that this will be a season that passes and I LOVE that I am your greatest desire right now! You and I have such a great time together and I am so thankful for all the precious moments!!

I love how you are looking at me here!

I truley can't believe your two year old year is over! A lot of people call 2....the "terrible twos"....well that is not the case for you! You were a TERRIFIC TWO year old and While there defiantly was some "trying" moments...we are sooo past those and you have grown so so much!!

I am beyond proud of who you are and so in love with you!! I am excited what year 3-4 will bring! I can not imagine one single breath of my life with out you! You are a one man show! The light in the room, (that is actually what your name means "the bringer of light"), the brightness to a gloomy day, your own little party and we are enjoying you so so much!!

This is the verse I have picked JUST for you!!! I will always speak this over you Luke!!
Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

You are going to be a great light and encourager for many people and are going to be brave at introducing them into Gods kingdom! I know you have the determination to do GREAT and courageous things and I am so so blessed to be your mommy!!

I love you my sweet little Luke Alan (Lukie, qiqi, mommas boy, weeks, qiqi weekie)

AND NOW.....

As adventurous and brave that you a few mishaps through the year...
Your first shiner...fell outside! 
You fell off the steps out back and skid your face
You pushed your feet on the table and pushed your chair back and hit your eat on the island behind you cutting your ear in half...this was pretty tramatic. The initial incident wasn't(you barely cried my sweet tough boy) BUT the stitches were beyond awful! I will never forget that! I cried right along with you as you screamed mooommmyy the whole time and poor daddy was so strong through it all but by the end of it got white as a ghost and the nurses caught him from passing out. We hated to see you go through that!! Then when you got them removed you sweated and cried so hard too and Even threw up!! 

And there was also the time where you were trying to get out of the tub while taking a bath while daddy turned his back for one quick second to get the towel and you slipped and hit your tooth on the edge of the tub. You knocked your tooth back! And there was lots of blood but thankfully with lots of prayers it didn't turn a funny color or need to be pulled and it has shifted almost exactly back into place. 

There was also this time (that I don't have  a picture of because you couldn't reay see anything but you could feel a HUGE bump!) that you fell (intentionally jumped off the swing set diving head first) and fell on the top of your head! Daddy was making dinner on the grill and I was nursing Lyric on the deck...and I think daddy made it across our very long yard in about three leaps! He looked like gazelle! He scooped you right up and ran you to me and you started throwing up. Concussion that time for sure!! 

***You defiantly keep us on our toes and are VERY brave and courageous!! 

SO incredibly thankful The Lord is with you whereever you go! 

We love you so very much, we are BLESSED beyond measure to be your parents and are so proud of who you are Luke!! 

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  1. Totally bawling over here, Laurel. This is beautiful and I feel like I know Luke so well just by reading this. So so amazing. You are the best Mommy!