Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mommy's 1st Birthday letter to Lyric

My sweet sweet sweet Lyric-

I can not believe you are one today! This was the fastest year of my life! But don't worry I remember it well. I think it was so fast because we had so much fun! 

When we found out we were pregnant with you we knew we would be extra busy. Lane had just turned 3 & Luke wasn't even 1 and a half yet! The thought of having another baby to care for was a lot to wrap our minds around. But God knew just what He was doing when He gave us you. 

I remember telling everyone (after we found out you were a boy while I was 20 weeks pregnant) that we didn't need anything. We had lots of clothes that were just the perfect seasons so all would fit and we had all the bibs, blankets, bottles, cups,  toys, and accessories a little boy could ever need or dream of wanting! So as we prepared for you I really didn't have to do much...I felt like I had everything, knew everything, and didn't need anything. 
Well- I was wrong! I was missing something and we were missing something in our house...even with two boys and all that boys stuff....
I was missing you. 
You came into my life and filled a spot that I didn't know needed to be filled. You were the most amazing gift to me and your daddy! 

From the moment I held you it felt like a huge relief and after this whole first still feels that way every single time I pick you up! 

Ya know how when a window is open and you feel that breeze hit your face?!? 
It's refreshing, crisp, yet soft, and's just makes your whole body have this sense of relief....and that exact feeling is how I feel when I pick you up. 
I often sigh a good sigh of relief like "There you are" 
And I just feel better! 
You my Lyric make me feel better ALWAYS...even in the best moments...they're better with you in my arms. 

You are super calm and never in a hurry! Actually you weren't even in a hurry to come into the world...I had to be induced with you because you were a week over due! 
Here I am the day we headed to the hospital to have you! This was Tuesday Febuary 18, 2014 @ 1:00pm!!

We put your brothers down for a nap and headed to the hospital where they hooked me up for the induction process! It wasn't until later that night at 11:05pm that you arrived! You were a pretty easy labor! Even though it was was the third time around(in less than four years) and that it was yet again another baby boy it was not one second less amazing! It was beyond amazing! When we laid eyes on you we both had tears of joy!! And smiles from ear to ear! You were so beautiful!!

You weighed 7lbs 15oz and were 20 1/2 inches long!! 

You swallowed a gulp of amniotic fluid and ended up getting wet lung. They had to do X-rays on you with in the first hour of your life to make sure it wasn't in your lungs because you were grunting a little when you breathed. It was indeed in your left lung a little so they started you on an IV antibiotic(they we were worried it may turn into pneumonia but it never did)  and kept you in a NICU bed for 12 hours!(and we had to stay a little extra long in the hospital) 
After lots of prayers and getting to stopped grunting and were just perfect the rest of our stay! 

Your brothers were so excited to meet you (and so was the rest of our extended family!!) 
Momma and her THREE BOYS! 
Lane was so in love with you!! 

Luke was too...but he was very busy in his little two year old body and just kept on going(always keeping a side eye on you though...and still always does!)

We were so excited for our family of 5!! 

The transition to coming home was a breeze! You were an easy going baby...slept great mainly on momma at first and the noise never bothered you a bit! You loved sleeping naps in the swing and going on walks and napping in the baby bjorn! 
Don't let this picture fools're first bath...even though you cried...became your favorite place! By the end of it you loved it and still love baths so much! 
First of MANY moments in the baby carrier!! Momma could keep you close give lots of kisses while still having free hands for the other two! 
First St. Patricks Day (almost one month old) 
First time at church! You slept! And still take your morning nap every single Sunday at church! 
You had to be swaddled to sleep and did great that way! 
It was quite the struggle trying to get you to take a pacifier! You did great at first but then stopped until we gave you this one! 
You are the easiest going little brother! 

Your first Easter!! 

Here you are the day you got dedicated to The Lord! 
Your Uncle Ricky and Aunt Katie are your God parents and we know they will always be great faithful and God influcing people in your life! 

The first time I had to leave you (besides with daddy) and get a baby sitter was for my dance recital and you did great for poppy and Ammy! I missed you so much! 
When the weather got warmer you LOVED being outside!!! 
This is you on one of the MANY walks of our spring summer and fall and this is always how you were! You were simply THEE best baby for going on walks ever!! 
Sweet and sweaty summer baby!! 
Your first train ride at 4 months old! Having fun at trains days for Union Pacific!

You loved your tummy time! 
You say up SO well at 4 months but did it on your own for longer periods of time around 5-5 1/2 months! 

Your first attempt at baby oatmeal! 5 months old! You did great with it!! 
You also went swimming for the first time at 5 months old!! 
Your first 4th of July!! 

Here you are at 6 months old! You were so cute and always so so happy outside!!! 

You have such big beautiful blue eyes and big eye lashes!!! 
You fell asleep just about any where on me and still do!! 

Happy baby!! 

Getting some summer lovin from your brothers! 
At 7 months old you got your first tooth. 

You also had your first paint the town experience at 7 months and loved being a mess just like your brothers!! 
Sweet little face at your well baby check up in September!! 
First two baby teeth! (First one broke through Sept. 29th!) 
One of my very favorite pictures ever! 
You absolutely LOVED laughing and playing in the leaves your first fall!!! You turned 8 months old on October 18th! 
Your first pumpkin patch! 

You were one of the three blind mice for your first Halloween! (You didn't love the combo of the sunglasses and headband pinching behind your ears!) 
You also started crawling at 8 months and sitting up on your knees trying to pull up a little on furniture! 
Your first thanksgiving! Your shirt said "I'm stuffed" you were so so cute!! 9 months old!! 
You ate table food great by then! The first table food you had was a cinnamon muffin!! 
Standing by the couch at 9 months old! 
Lane and Luke sitting with you taking your 9 month picture! 
You went through this little phase where you would do the plank move and stick your biscuit in the air trying to stand and crawl at the same time! It was so cute! 
You are always just so happy! At 9 months you finally went into your own nursery(not because you didn't want too but because Lukie was a little young yet to be sharing a room with Lane!) so when we finally made the transition you slept through the night the 2nd in there!! I think you were happy to be away from daddy's snoring! ;)
Silly head stand baby
9 month check up 
Ready for the holiday festivities to begin! 
Festival of trees! You loved all the lights in the Christmas trees! 
Seeing Santa for the first time! You and him were a Jolly pair! 
Happiest little 10 month old ever! 
You had an awesome first Christmas with so much love from your family! 
Matching pjs!

You love scrambled eggs for breakfast!


Sleepin on mommy on Christmas Eve! 

You were so stinking cute at Christmas Eve church service in your bow tie! 
You are so smart and figure things out quickly! Like how to turn pages in your book or shut the cupboard the doors etc! You love to open and close things!! 
Here is the day you turned 11 months old! (The same day mommy turned 31!)
You are a great napper! I am so thankful that you love your crib, sleep well in the car, but will also sleep in my arms when we are on the go! You're so great Lyric!! I am so thankful for your easy going spirit!! You were never a fussy baby ever and you still aren't!! 
Now that you are are super on the go! You aren't walking alone yet but you do walk holding on to the furniture our our fingers and now you go from one piece to the next on your own! You love to play so big, peak a boo, read books, clap with mommy, and you love saying dada and stayed saying ma ma ma!! You are on the brink of say uh oh and you gasp back when I do playing the uh oh game! 

Your favorite food is dog food! No really you are ALWAYS trying to get the dog food and usually before you get to the bowl you're saying "ack" ahhck! For "ahcky!" 
You really love applesauce! 

You are so observant to your brothers yet you don't seem to ever be bothered by them! You never fuss or throw a fit for being set down or taken away from something! You love the tv! Especially the plane movie!! Lane and Luke always try to give you baby toys and keep a good close eye that you're aren't getting their toys or things that are small in your mouth! 
You love your daddy and light up when you see him and often reach easily for for other people but then reach right back for me!:) 

You sleep through the night, aren't a picky eater, are a really good "teether", and have the sweetest little baby giggle!! 

You are just thee best one year old in the world! I am SO blessed that God chose me to be your mommy! I TRULEY feel unworthy of such an amazing family and especially a perfect little angel like you!! 

You are so special Lyric! 
You're my "one" and my sweet angel, our Mick, Mickey, Stickey, precious sir!! (Many nicknames for you!!) 

The verse I have picked for you...

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.~Romans 12:10

You are going to do great things in this world! Even in just one year I can see your tender and calm heart that is so strong! You will love generously and always be showing honor in all you do for His glory!! 

I love you so much and I can't wait to keep watching grow! Your smile lurking over your little crib each morning is my one of the greatest things I've ever laid eyes on!!! 

Happy first birthday! 



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