Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A comforting time....

I have been fasting for 16 full days now! I have probably 100 posts I need to write on this topic but for now I am just posting this....I want to be able to refer back to all of these amazing ways God comforts us! 

The book of Psalms has become a great encouragement to me on a new level and after doing some research these specifically are just amazing! 

  1. Psalm 30:2 – God not only hears you, but He will help.
  2. Psalm 30:11 – God will turn your mourning into gladness.
  3. Psalm 31:24 – God will strengthen you.
  4. Psalm 32:10 – God’s steadfast love and mercy surrounds you.
  5. Psalm 33:20 – He IS our help and shield.
  6. Psalm 34:4 – He will deliver you from your fears.
  7. Psalm 34:15 – God SEES you! And He cares about what is going on right now!
  8. Psalm 37:4 – Delight in the Lord, and what HE delights in, and He will give you the desires of your heart.
  9. Psalm 37:24 – You may stumble but remember; GOD has YOU.
  10. Psalm 40:3 – Others will see your heart for God and trust Him because of you.
  11. Psalm 46:10 – I know times seem dark and dismal, but never forget that God will be exalted among the nations and entire earth!
  12. Psalm 49:15 – God Redeems your soul! He has power over the grave!
  13. Psalm 51:12 – Lost your Joy? God will restore it. ASK HIM!
  14. Psalm 55:17 – You can cry out to God ANY TIME of the day!
  15. Psalm 56:3 – No matter how afraid you are, you can always Trust Christ.
  16. Psalm 63:3 – When you feel as though you have nothing left but God’s love…God’s love is all you need.
  17. Psalm 64:1 – God KNOWS you’ll be fighting the enemy.
  18. Psalm 67:7 – God will bless us.
  19. Psalm 70 – (all 5 verses) You are not the only one that cries out to God asking him to HURRY.
  20. Psalm 71:14 – You can continuously HOPE in the Lord.
  21. Psalm 73:26 – Your heart may fail, but you can count on God to be your strength forever.
  22. Psalm 77: 1-14 – There WILL be times when nothing comforts you and deep sobs of pain will be what your heart cries out.  It’s ok.  Empty yourself of this so that God can fill you with remembrance of all of his mighty works.
  23. Psalm 84:12 – You are truly blessed when you put your complete trust in God.
  24. Psalm 86:10 – God is great and does wondrous things.  Will you take time to see it?
  25. Psalm 86:15 – God is full of compassion.
  26. Psalm 92:1 – Never let anyone dull your sparkle for the Lord. Keep praising!
  27. Psalm 93:1 – God reigns and will do so forever!
  28. Psalm 100:1 – You don’t have to have a magnificent voice to praise the Lord.
  29. Psalm 103:17 – His love is from everlasting to everlasting.  Have you really taken time to consider this?
  30. Psalm 104:31 – God rejoices in his works.  YOU are part of HIS plan.
  31. Psalm 126:5 – You may sow in tears but you will REAP in JOY!

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