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What 2015 looked like in Deckerville...

This momma turned 31...we and my hubs got me a new tattoo for my birthday(the Hebrew word for TODAH: to praise God with an outstretched arm)

Lyric was 11 months old and was really enjoying everything his big brothers were up to. It seemed like a non stop trio by this point

My hubby did an AMAZING job and giving our kitchen a facelift this month!

And sweet Lyric was walking while holding on to things all around the living room but not walking on his own quite yet.

It is such a special month with having two babies being born that month! Luke turned 3 on February 14th (our little "sweetheart") and Lyric turned 1 on February 18th! We celebrated by having a big party at the discovery center in Clinton on Valentine's Day morning! It was so much fun!

Biggest brother was so sweet and loving even thought it wasn't his birthday! I was so proud of this little "heart throb"

Cutest THREE year old ever!

My "ONE" (a little nickname he has now developed!)

We LOVE the start to nice weather. Bundled up walks, coloring easter eggs and making Easter crafts, eating on the deck etc....always makes the few nice March days seem magical! AND I went to a Hearts at Home conference and got to meet Lysa Terkurst!! It was an amazing and life changing Christian mommy conference I won't ever forget!

My favorite season
Easter selfie....not easy with a 4,3&1 year old!

I think this is the best Easter pic we got!

A picture of daddy and his boys!

We had a fun taco bar party at our house for him and as always I made his cake!

So excited and proud to be 5!

I mean could matching head to toe be any cuter? Wonder if they will look back at pictures like this and be like "MOOMMM" haha:)

Lane's birthday was so fun! Daddy had to work on the actual day but I took the boys to the park for a picnic and for Lane to ride his new razor scooter that Daddy and I got him!

And that night Daddy and I took him out on a date just us! It was so nice! I think we need to make this a tradition!

Momma and her boys one Sunday after church!(Gotta keep documenting those matching outfits:)

Each year May is so's Mother's Day and My sweet Hubby's birthday AND our wedding anniversary. This year was extra special because we went away for the night for the first time since we have had kids! We stayed in Galena that weekend and it was so so SO much fun!
Mother's Day picture with my boys

Out to celebrate the birthday boy

Mother's Day morning wearing the awesome "boymom" shirt my hubby got me for Mother's Day

On our way home

The birthday boy...31!!

Lane had his last day of preschool (the left picture is his first day of preschool 2014)

This picture is from my dance recital and Lane tumbled for the first time in the recital! He did awesome!

Crafting it up with my boys

My favorite picture of Lyric EVER! He is so stinking sweet!

Memorial day was hot so we swam out back for the first time!

My hubs and I squeezed in a day date riding our bikes along the Mississippi River...definitely a memorable date:)

As always one of the top 5 days of the year! Union pacific train days...and our boys were in HEAVEN! Such a fun day, completely free, and the happiest times! Daddy has the best job!

The next best thing for summer is Zinnen's pool...I was a little worried taking all three myself because I just wasn't sure how well they swam for being a year older....and OHHMMGGEE they blew me out of the water! Lyric LOVED his little floated and never needed any assistance and the big two were swimming machines without life jackets by the end of the summer! What I first started off thinking could be "a lot of work" ended up being the most relaxing days of the whole year. So proud of our boys! They are most definitely little fish!

And swimming in our back yard was a daily occurrence as well

What is summer without super drippy ice cream cones

The boys set up to have their first lemonade stand on the city wide garage sale day

We celebrated the best daddy in the whole world on Father's Day

Luke had his yearly Check up in Chicago and it was WAY better than expected...they said he looks so good that we can skip year four and wait to come back for the last visit when he is 5! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

Mommy and this guy spent a lot of time on the deck watching Lane practice with daddy for tball! It was Lane's first year and he was so excited to use a "real" bat.

Was a pretty similar month as June...lots of tball, lot's of swimming, lots of after dinner walks, and a ton of fun!
We stayed home on the 4th of July and my sister and Her hubby and our sweet nephew came over for a cook out!

The boys had a blast doing smores, sparklers, and swimming in the pool!

This month was HUGE! Mainly because we became "school parents". The whole summer was heart wrenching knowing Lane would be going to 1/2 day kindergarten in August and I can't even begin to tell you how many times I cried through out the summer. My AMAZING hubby had some vacation days to use so he took a few days off to soak up this big moment and be apart of it all....well after many tears leading up to it he ended up taking the whole week off. I am SO glad he did. It was also fair week in town so having him home made that even more fun!

Fun at the fair

Paddle boat ride with Daddy, Poppy, and Coco at the park! They LOVED that!

A simple day at the park after church one Sunday!

As if Lane heading to school wasn't hard enough, we found out he needed glasses a few weeks before school started and they came in the afternoon of his first day. He also got a short haircut to go with his new specks! "IT was a BIG day" and Lane handled it so graciously! He is the most adaptable kid and we are so thankful how easily he goes with the flow.

Sweet brother missed him so much

The day before school started we took the boys to the Oregon splash pad and it was SO fun! It was the best last day of summer we could have ever asked for.

Lane's last day of T-ball!

Daddy got to go to Wrigley field in Chicago and see the Foo Fighter's perform! He loves Dave Grohl's amazing guitar playing skills and it was on his bucket list to see him play. So happy he got to go!

Matt and I took our boys and our nephew to the I-80 truck was a day with lots of rain but still totally worth it.

Me and my littles stayed busy having picnics, visiting parks, and going on at least one walk a day while biggest bro was at school.

Our sweet Jesus boys before church

Our sweet Lukie boy started preschool! This was a mommy and son breakfast date the day before.

Luke did amazing. He goes to the Christian preschool two days a week down at the end of our block. He was so happy to start school and was so big and proud to walk right in.

Picking him up on the first day

Oh that embrace was wonderful

Taking a family selfie in the same spot Mommy and Daddy had wedding pictures taken

I had some SUPER special moments just me and my sweet Lyric when the big two were at school!

Lane got sick so only Luke and I got to do paint the town this year. We had a blast even though we were missing the other three.

A September night looking for barges at the Lock and Dam

The big season change is always so nice! We love fall and all the yummy treats and festive things it brings!

Momma and her boys at the first pumpkin patch of the year

Lane LOVES to read and be read too. We started reading him chapter books without pictures and he loves it so much!

We went o Brookfield Zoo for the first time up by Chicago! Probably one of the top 3 best days of the whole year. Happy, well behaved, over joyed boys....super blessed parents.

On the way home from the zoo we ate at Portillios! One of our favorite restaurants! Made it there twice in 2015! Woot woot! Now there is one in Rockford though so we will have to make trips more often!

Since Lane is a 1/2 day kid at school he misses Math in the afternoon so I have been homeschooling his Math everyday after his rest. So far it is going great! I cherish those moments with him! And if he does end up taking a big nap daddy works with him at night and my husband is SO smart and full of tons of patience and lots of extra knowledge! The man should have been a teacher...he does great helping Lane with homework!

Bath time babies

A random Sunday morning that I took a picture Matt doing what he loves most!

We had our annual pumpkin carving contest at our house with my side and Matts side of our families! Always SO much fun!

We got to go on a super fun hayrack ride at our nephew Easton's birthday party and the boys LOVED that!

Lyric had the cutest skeleton comfy outfit for the party! He was so adorable in it!

Halloween breakfast!

Since Lane was actually "SIMON" from Alvin and the chipmunks for Halloween....we needed a different costume for his school parade so he went as a spider! He was so adorable!

Here is our 2015 Halloween costumes....
Dave, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore
from Alvin at the chipmunks! My favorite costumes yet!

And ummm since the boys kept telling me I could be "Dave's mom" for my costume...Matt and I came up with this super quick throw together SUPER MOM costume for me

We were super excited for the holidays to begin with our three little turkeys!

We had family pictures done in November and they turned out great!

Lane got some hand me down football jerseys from his big cousin Chase and loved getting into the football season with daddy this year!

Lane had his first school science project. He did baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring to make a hot lava volcano.

It snowed for the first time and the boys loved sledding at Ammy and Poppy's new house

Snuggling with daddy one night

We went to our annual festival of tree's visit.

Always such a special day each year

Thanksgiving morning me and my hubs and his super great beard he grew out this year and was so proud of :)

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

The day after thanksgiving we went to Aunt TT and Uncle Ry Ry's house for Annual Christmas movie night

Lane had his first school Christmas program! He did awesome!

Poppy finally got his train table back in order after they moved...this was a super happy day for the boys

Daddy and Lyric on Christmas Eve morning

We took the boys to the Wisconsin Dells on Christmas morning for the weekend of is sweet Lyric sleeping on the way

We had to leave early because I got the flu but we had an AMAZING two days! Here we were 24 hours after we got home and I was feeling better playing a little hungry hippo before bed.

I helped put on a women's brunch for our church...Here is my momma and I on our way there!

Matt and I host a small group called T.G.I.F....every other Friday at our we are celebrating the holiday with them. We all went bowling after the Morrison Christmas walk!

Aunt Katie and Uncle Ricky had us all over for pizza on Sunday and Santa came for a visit!

Luke's preschool Christmas program for his school...He did SO GREAT!

All ready for his Kindergarten Christmas program!

Momma and her boys getting ready to go to Lane's program

Family picture after the program

The MOPS group I go to twice a month had an ugly sweater Christmas party! It was so fun!

All dressed and ready for their Christmas program at Church!

Supportive little brother ready to go!

Lane and Luke did amazing at the Crossroads program! Both held letters!

Christmas 2015

Playing a little GOFISH with Lane one afternoon while he was on Christmas break from school!

Happy to take a couple selfies on our 8 year anniversary On 12/23/15 the day Matt asked me to Marry him!

Lane's new mini ipad he got from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas

Christmas Eve Morning picture attempt
Our tree Christmas morning....the boys were surprised with a big box with a poster board in it that said we were leaving to go on a water park vacation! (plus packed bags, new goggles, etc...) and their three gifts from santa and stockings full of snacks for the car!

Ready to hit the road!

Wisconsin Dells Christmas 2015

We stayed at the great wolf lodge! It was decorated for a "snow land" and it was magical to say the least!

Super sweet Lyric was an angel the whole time!

My brave adventurous boys with their super handsome and awesome daddy!

Water baby!

Luke loved the wave pool!

Lane did all the BIG slides! He was so so brave!
I had to take this picture because many many MANY posts ago on this blog I posted a picture of Luke sleeping next to me in a hotel bed and he was 3 1/2 months old wrapped in his swaddle blanket....and it was the night before his surgery. I'll never forget sending it out to our family and asking for extra prayers that night. I had a huge moment seeing him in a hotel sleeping almost the exact same way. Thank you Jesus for our perfect, healthy, whole, and strong Lukie boy!

Here we are the restaurant called Buffalo Phil's where they bring your food on a train! OH MY!!! THEY WERE SO HAPPY!! Loved this so much! I'd drive up for the day just to eat here again!!

It was an AMAZING year and we give all the praise and glory to God from whom all blessings flow!!

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