Saturday, June 9, 2012


God has shined through in our lives in SO many ways these past 15 weeks. I am blown away by his continued love and grace that I knew before but now I KNOW! The doctors told us some babies do good in 5 to 6 days and some need longer than that. Most people I talked too that had this surgery with their children or knew someone one who had it and even the nurses in the hospital said at least a week or so...but not our child!:) GOD blessed us with HIS amazing healing that we never stopped believing for and we got home last night at 5pm! We are SOOO happy to be home!  Luke is doing good and both eyes are open now (still swollen but open):) He looks sooo different but SOOO cute!! We can barely stand it!! We are so in love with our HEALTHY BOYS!! We are going back Tuesday for a follow up appoinment and possibly a CT scan to see how it looks in there. I have been chipping away at a "detailed" blog of our week, emotions, fears, successes ect....! Hope to post that soon!!:) Here is a few pics once we got home!

Extremely happy to have him home!
Time and Time again I have said that "I am sooo blessed" (and I am don't get me wrong and I have been in the past sooo much) But now the word blessing has a whole new meaning....That God loves ME,  MATT, LANE, and LUKE SOOO MUCH!! And not because of what we've done, or who we are, or what we do or don't deserve...but plainly because HE JUST DOES. No matter what, He wants to bless us and love us more than we think could ever hope or dream for! He is a good and FAITHFUL God!! Even when I was faithless at times he was still there FAITHFUL as ever and loving me, holding me, and blessing me with MORE than I could have ever imagined!


  1. God is good! We are so glad you are home! We can't wait to come snuggle Sugar Butt and play with Lane. He loooks better and better every single day! Love Jess and J

  2. Wow!that is a remarkable recovery, but you are a remarkable family. So happy you are all home safe and sound. I am enjoying my little granddaughter today, so I feel blessed as well. Hoping for continued you to all

  3. That is truly incredible! What a remarkable recovery Luke is making! I'm totally in awe! I'm so happy to hear you are back in your home safe in sound with your precious little boys! Lots of love to your family!!!

  4. So happy you all are home!! You all look so good and healthy. I use liquid vitamin e oil to help with scars. You can buy it in the vitamin section anywhere. If you dab it on whenever you think about it, the scar should heal in no time. Very happy for you!!! Love you!