Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Update How Luke is Doing

Well Luke is doing good today! He looked so cute this morning, had his eyes open and everything!! They still have him in the ICU until tomorrow but he did get 2 IV's out today and vitals look good. Still on Morphine every 2 hrs and Tylenol every 4 hours. We got to hold him more today which was so nice and he is eating good still. The plastic surgeon was in this morning and said he looked good but to expect him to start to swell(the swelling peeks at 48 hours post surgery). Tomorrow the plastic surgeon will remove his head wrap and drain from his head and the IV from his leg. I'm excited to hold him close and not be so stressed and careful with that drain. He needs the comfort right now of closeness. He did so good and was so calm in daddys arms today! I am not going to lie I'm a little apprehensive to see whats under his wrap, just not knowing what to expect and he will be completly bald and without the bump on his forehead and they said his head could be a little mishaped for a while because it needs time to settle and for the head to grow to proportion itself so not to expect perfect semetry...so it could be a big shock. Just praying for God to give me that prepared heart! The neurosurgeon just came in and said if he's eating and moving he's ahead of the game so that is good to hear. He is up on a pillow and has an ice pack on his wrap due to the swelling taking place. I'll take pics and post an update tomorrow once we get into regular recovery and get everything taken care of. Thank you for praying for us...Lane is still doing good(but I can kind of tell now that he is frusterated with having all these restrictions and rules and not having mommy all day like he is use too)  please pray for him!! Matt is amazing and is so strong and keeps everything in order and in check and is always so concerened for me and I am so blessed by him. Please pray for his continued strength. And please continue your prayers for Luke, for his swelling, for his comfort, for his recovery, and for his caretakers. And a prayer request for me....would be rest....not the sleepy kind(well that too maybe:) but for the mental kind. And for my parents who stayed another night in the hotel and are so wonderful!!

Here is Daddy and Lane in the hospital today...

Here is Daddy and Mommy and Luke....our hearts just ache for him and rejoice for him too!!

Here is the "STRONGHOLD" of our family and his precious baby chugging his milk:)

Here is our big boy for only 15 weeks old!!

And here is tonight before bed....swollen shut my poor little sir! Prayers for QUICK FAST HEALING on his swelling!


  1. Prayers are coming for all of you from home! We are so happy to hear how well is doing and we keep hoping for him to keep progressing so quickly. Hoping to see all of you tomorrow and for all of you to get the rest you need both mentally and physically. Love Jess and J

  2. I've been praying for you all since Monday and was relieved to see how well things are going. I hope they continue to progress. You are all so strong and supportive of one another. It is inspiring to read about your ordeal and the love you have for Luke and each other. I think he looks great in spite of the puffiness. I look forward to seeing you all back home and resuming your normal routines and joys without all the worry. Sending continued love and prayers your way. All things work together for good for those who are called according to His purpose. Don't forget to take care of yourselves!!!