Monday, June 4, 2012


Luke is out of surgery and doing well. All his vitals look good and so does he...(better than I expected but the worst is  yet to come they say...but I know my sweet sir will be doing better than they ever anticipated)
I will send a more detailed email later of the hardest day of our lives but for now here is a few pictures to keep you all posted like I promise. And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for ALL your texts, love, thoughts and PRAYERS. I have NEVER felt more loved by everyone than I have the past 2 days and have never needed it more than I did the past two days! LOVE YOU ALL!

Here is Luke and I the night before we left:

Here is Luke in the Pre-Operating room this morning in his little clown gown

Here he is when we first saw him 4:30 (everyone thinks he looks more like his brother)

Here is with his Mommy Who loves him SOOO MUCH (Daddy and Big Brother had already headed to the Ronald McDonald house since Lane missed a nap today but he did SOOO GOOD all day and was the best 2 year old and when he saw his brother he just said "Hi baby Luke, he Ni Ni")
                                                     Here is with his "Ammy"

Here is with his Poppy and Ammy

Here he is with some of his wires showing, he has 2 IV's in his groins and the red blood bag is a drain from his head

And here he is HE ATE 3 OZ of the breastmilk we brought him!(that is great because most kids don't eat for a while but I knew my 17lb 4oz chunky would want to eat:)

*More to come later tonight with detail


  1. Laurel I am SO glad it all went well... I have been thinking of you constantly today. And your sweet boy looks GREAT (and I agree that he looks more like his brother). The scariest part is over and I know you'll be a great nurse during his recovery. Thanks for posting an update. Love you!

  2. That was one of the first things I said to Jason, he looks a little more like Lane! Yet, I still see his sweet little face :)

    Uncle J and Aunt Jessie are so happy to hear he is being such a trooper and so are all of you! We love you and we wish we could have been there today. We are looking forward to Wednesday. Give "sugar butt" lots of love for us and to the rest of you. Keeping all the prayers and good thoughts coming Luke's way!

    (I can't get my account to sign into write so I am using Jason's...but it's me)