Tuesday, June 12, 2012

He is worthy of our Praise!!

Let me start by giving the big guy up stairs a huge shout out.....You Absolutly Rock God!!! We came to Chicago today for Lukes check up and he is healing remarkably!! By God hearing all our prayers of course he is right on track if not better!! Also we had hoped and prayed that we would be home before my sister had her baby and we madd it by 2 days!! I got to be in the waiting room to hear that I have a beautiful new nephew who I am in absolute awe of! He is adorable!! The surgeon said we need to come back in one month to see if Luke will need a helmet for a few months to fine tune things. Otherwise even though he is still a little tender and fussy at times all is right on track!!! Matt and I feel beyond amazing and have been forever changed by this. As my mom said, our faith has grown by leaps and bounds!!! Our mess surely is a message and our test a testimony! Praise be to God from whom ALL blessings flow !! More pics to come soon of his sweet face;)

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  1. so much to celebrate. God!!!! of course. Good parents. Good grandparents.Pastors. Friends and family. Surgeons, doctors and nurses. technology.Amazing grace I'd say. Again, so happy for you. What did your sister have? hope they are all doing well, too.