Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kiddos....perfectly not perfect

Well Hello there blogland. The inspiration of this post was given to me by this snotty lady I saw today at Target (who shall remain nameless). First off the boys and I went to Target this morning and Luke slept on the way over and Lane watched a movie...the sun is shining, birds chirping, beautiful weather, coffee is in the cup holder, and weeerr'rreee off. It was a very pleasant ride over. We get to Target (I park next to the carts like I always do so I can grab a cart before I remove my children and the put it back easily after they are strapped in.) and head inside. Luke wakes up shortly after getting into the store and Lane is holding his little airplane and is excited to look all around. We first go to the clothes where I was looking for a pair of jeans for our tall 2 year old and a pair of comfy pants as I realized the other day that he has a current pant shortage. We bump into my dad's cousing Renae and talked for a minute...Lane was just quietly zooming his little plane and Luke was just chilling in the carseat( He's a great baby but extra chill right after waking up:). She was nice and said how big they were, how cute, how fast time goes, ect...we talked about her grandson starting school and then went merrily on our way. We got the pants(1pair of cargo type pants and 1 pair of "swishy pants"...all of targets jeans for toddlers seemed like "super skinny jeans" so I will have to look else where) and headed over to the pharmacy section. There is where we saw her...I was heading down an isle getting toothpaste and she passes me(I tried to pretend like I didn't see her because as my mom would call her....she is just "nosey"). Well she says "HI LAUREL" ....in this super surprised voice...and I responded with "Oh Hi___________".
I kept walking but she kind of stood there and I just said something like good to see you and kept it moving. Well we finished our shopping and the boys were angels (they are not always angels, ecspecially in stores, but today they were....good timing on Mom's part for Luke and prepared with snacks for Lane:) and when we were heading to the check out  there she is again walking towards me....now mind you Lane is sitting down eating fruit loops out of his baggie and Luke is just pulling his little carseat toy into his mouth...neither making a peep, and  yes the cart had some items in it, some by Lane and some under the cart on the bottom thing but only about 4 bags worth.....and for whatever reason she says in a super snotty voice " Well you look like you've got your hands full". AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Is literally what I was saying inside my head.....thankfully what came out of my mouth was "Not really this is pretty easy for me" and she says even snottier "Well good for your Laurel". UGH UGH UGH.
Now you may be thinking Im over reacting but let me tell you....I can completly understand if they were screaming or throwing a fit (like they were at the fair last Saturday when they were sick of being paitent, were tired, and ready to move on in the stroller and not sit still any more and a lady said "She looks like she has her hands full" to my mom.... still RUDE if you ask me but somewhat true in that moment. But today...oh no...NOT TODAY. Today it was all good in the hood, all gravey baby!! And I was so proud of them and proud to be at a store with my perfect(at the time) little boys....and for some reason she said that! Is it because one is 2(who is tall enough to look at least 3 or maybe even 4) and one is in a carseat (who is 6 months )?? Because it certainly can't be because of their behavior today. It's just irritating to me because alot of people I know have kids 2 years (well 22 months) apart. There is mom's out there with 4 kids 2 years apart or twins shopping in Target...man wonder what "snotty women" thinks of them. This is not me being over sensitive to her comment either because I have heard this more than once and it definatly irritates me regardless of the situation its just a RUDE comment that needs to be left unsaid. We intentionally had our children 22 months apart (in our late 20's mind you) and are sooo greatful and thankful every day for them  in every perfect and not perfect moment. And even if was a situation where someone had an "unexpected blessing" and had two really close in ages children or was a teen mom...then that is not ok to make that comment then either LADY!
WHEW....ok....all better. But you mommies out there can relate right?!?! ( I am sure your scared to make a comment after my venting fit...please don't be...I'm usually really nice LOL:)
Never the less....she could have been having a bad day(well I know this women and this is just how she is) or maybe she didn't "mean it that way" (but still...I know this women and that is how she is)....but it will hopefully be a lessoned learned for me to keep "comments" to myself. I have NEVER been that person to stare if a kid was melting down or look at a mom like "whoa she has her hands full" (even if she did)...not now as a mother and not even before I was a mother but I will DEFINATLY make sure not to make accusations about anyone and ecspecially not say them. Thank you for reading my post today and letting me vent here in blog land:) Look for a more "positive" post in the near future.


  1. You know what? I absolutely despise that comment, too, and get it at least 3x a week. I've come to realize that 99% of the time people do not mean it in a negative way... it's just an observation. And most of the time when it comes across as snotty it's because I was already in a frazzled mood... or it just came from a snotty lady! :) You're a great mom and a blessing to other moms... and I think having your hands full is an absolute wonderful thing! It's all about perspective- yours and theirs!

  2. Oh man. I know exactly what you are talking about! Everyone has an opinion, especially on how you are raising your children. Those are the best comments, too. I agree with Kim, you are a great mom and I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work, and don't let the haters bring you down because there are plenty of things to be happy about, rather than focusing on negative people and their thoughts. But it is hard not to react. Oh, and p.s. your 'all good in the hood' comment made me laugh out loud! I say that all the time :)