Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Luke is 6 MONTHS OLD!!

I can not believe that our precious little boy is 6 months old  today.
What a "filled" 6 months we've had. Filled with lots of tears, but even more smiles...filled with lots of "busy" moments, but even more precious moments, more doctors appointments than I think I have had my entire life, a major surgery, recovery, and all the other awesome things that go along with growing to be 6 months old!

Here are a few fun facts about Luke being 6 months old....
1. Luke went from being the youngest grandson to having a baby boy cousin on his mommy's side and a baby girl cousin on his daddy's side so he is no longer the "youngest" he is a "big cousin" at 6 months old:)
2. Luke can sit up now on his own and he loves to play on the floor with toys and not just baby toys, oh no, of course he prefers his big brother's toys (big brother is learning to "share" his trucks;)

 3. Luke can hold his own bottle(when he wants too) and loves to play with it.4. Luke has been eating baby oatmeal for a couple of months now
5. Luke has started in on eating some "baby food" his favorite is his Great Grandma Landheer's canned apple sauce! He has also had bananna's that his mommy made him in her new baby bullet!:) (I am going to "attempt" to make most of his baby food....I also attempted with Lane but it did not go well...but I only had a blender so I am hoping this is much easier:)
6. Luke LOVES to ride in the side by side jogging stroller with his big brother and is out of his carseat and sits directly in the stroller and just rides like a big boy!7. Luke loves to "talk" and hear himself (his little voice is absolutly adorable and he wakes up "singing" every morning)
8. Luke now sleeps in his crib (but not all through the night yet)
9. Luke loves to watch his big brother and his dog and is always laughing at them. (He has a sense of humor already)
10. Luke is seriously soooo happy. ALWAYS smiling, no work at all to make giggle, so content, plays by himself so well, but loves to be entertained and read or sang too. His name means "The bringer of Light" and that is truley what he does to our household and our lives. He has brought so much "light" into our family, marriage, and way of life. We are BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED BEYOND MESSURE by this amazing special little boy.

Here he is "happy boy" with his daddy

                                             Here are a few of him this morning on his "half birthday" playing on the floor with his brother and baby cousin Cohen...

(sorry most of those are vertical I couldn't figre our how to flip them:)

                                                               And here he is the other day sitting on his
Poppy's tree stand.....

And playing on the deck in his walker(that he can move around in:)...
He is such an AMAZING and wonderful little baby! We are waiting to hear from our inssurance so we can get his helmet made and get it on him to get the fine tuning of that bump on the left side taken care of....beside that he is doing FABULOUS since his surgery. It seems that it didn't change him a bit and that he hasn't skipped a beat (I can't say the same for Matt and I but our change was better that's for sure). It was a CRAZY, HARD AND LIFE THREATING AND  LIFE CHANGING 6 months for Luke and for us. But we would do it all over again in a heartbeat!  Our lives are better because of him and we could not be more greatful for the gift of Luke (and of course his big brother Lane:)

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  1. I love hearing about your precious little boy! They grow up so quickly, time just flys! He sounds like a smart little cookie too ;) They say singing is a sign of intelligence! You truly are blessed Laurel and I couldn't be happier for you!!