Thursday, August 2, 2012

Reflections...My mom, husband, mother in law, sister in law, and Michele Becker

Well this week my blog post could go ON and ON and ON over this topic. And I am extremely blessed for saying that. We are to write about people that "sharpen" our lives. In other encourage us on our walk with Christ ect...
Before I begin on my couple of shout outs on the people that really encourage me in life I have to give a TREMENDOUS  mentioning to my friends Brittnay and Kim  who blog with me on Thursdays and have started this "reflections" group. They started this group with these exact "sharpen" each other weakly to be better "pointed" towards Christ. I am so thankful for this weekly blog bible study group thingy I am in because it DEFINATLY helps keep me encouraged!! Thank you to those to wonderful women. They are AMAZING! If you haven't had a chance to view their blogs you totally should and at
Ok so here I go....when I first read Kim's challenge last week for this weeks reflections these people instantly popped into my head (although there is many more...) I feel as though I could not blog this topic without mentioning these people that have truley sharpened my life, some for a long time and some for just a short while but they have all been so invasive, I have been completly effected by them to the point of becoming a better version of myself.
First one DUUHHHH.... My MOM!!! Anyone who knows my mom knows that she is a great christian women. I could go on and on and on and on and on and on about the different christian ways she has encouraged me in the past 28 years but that would take forever. She (like most moms) brought us to church, sent us to bible school and church camp but it was more than that. The one thing that really sticks out with her is "hard times". Anytime I was going through a hard time i.e....junior high fights with friends, highschool boyfriend drama, knee surgeries, ect ect....she always turned my view towards God. She left the best notes, letters, emails, (and then later texts) that a mom could always encouraging me in whatever the situation to "give it to God". She always helped me see that HE has(and will always have) the best plan for me. And for that(and much MUCH more) I am forever greatful and feel "sharpened" by her in many ways and wish I could spend my entire time blogging talking about them...but we'll save that for a later post! Love my momma:)
Secondly....MY HUBBY <3 <3 <3!!!  I don't know if it is because he knows me so well or because the holy spirit is in him so much(probably both) but he is always helping me be a better version and a more "godly" version of myself. (This too since we have become parents has been a shared thing between each other...letting our children "see" Christ in us instead of just "telling" them about Him....and "living it out"(like Brittnay talked about in her last post) is our goal for our kids) When I start to lose my cool, or act away I shouldn't he always keeps me grounded, which I need and think we all do at some points, and I am so blessed by him. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO calm. (Isn't he?? If you know him you would agree ten fold....calmest most easy going relaxed guy in the world.) Thank you GOD for sending him to me!! Though I have calmed down, slowed down, and eased up since I've had kids I definatly am balanced out by my amazing husband. And when it comes to being the Christian I want to be, he is great at holding me accountable. He reminds me when I need to be reminded and encourages me when I need to be encouraged and is always there to help me take a deep breath. I feel the love of God through him(though I know God loves me much more...) and I am so "sharpened" by that love and need it like breathing is to life.
Lastly would be 3 amazing women.....MY MOTHER IN LAW(Donna Rubright), MY SISTER IN LAW (Danielle Decker), AND MY FRIEND (Michele Becker) (I could keep adding and adding on the friend list so those of you I didn't add please know how much you are loved and appriciated! It would take me 5 hours to give you all a shout out on this blog maybe sometime I will try that:). First my mother in law is always reminding us of what the bible says whenever she gets the chance and I love that and am greatful for her knowledge in that. She buys us devotionals, bibles, christian books for our kids, and baby books with scripture and anything she can think of with a godly encouragment for us and our family and I love that about her. Those things are so great to have around the house and use on a daily basis. She is great at giving us tools of advice or tools we can use to help keep us "right on point" with our walk with Christ. So greatful for an encouraging and godly mother in law. Love her so much!
My sister in law (a.k.a "SIL" (abbriviation for sister in law) as I call her) is another amazing encouragment to me. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I have ever needed to hear ....she seems to say it. Even if it's against all odds of what I thought...she is usually right on target. She is so in tune with the holy spirit it is ridiculous! I am blessed by her rightous love for Christ and how in all things she is giving Him the praise. She is such an encouragment and always goes immediatly to Christ. Even if I say "I think I'm getting a sore throat" before I can get the sentence out she is casting it out and lifting me up right then and there in a prayer. She has layed her hands on me , my hubby, and my kids and said "you are healed in Jesus name" more times than I can think of....even if was just a headache or a major closure of a skull she ALWAYS looks towards HIM. I am teary eyed at my greatfulness for her and her love of Christ. One time I told her I pray for extra angels when I leave my kids to protect them as they are watched with someone else and she said "I prayed for extra angels before I came to watch them". I mean really??? How wonderful is that?!?!? She is just such a godly women with Him in between, before, behind, and all around her every day activities and I am so blessed just to be around her. (Love you sil!)
Last but not least MICHELE BECKER ROCKS!!! She is a friend of mine but started out as my best friends mom, then a client, and now a dear dear friend. I always tell my husband when I do her hair I should pay her because she ALWAYS makes me feel better!! She has opened my eyes to so many things( the first fast I ever did was because of her) and has helped me go from anger/sadness, to happiness in seconds about things. She finds the good in everything....and I mean EVERYTHING (don't you wish you were like that?? I sure do) And that is someone worth being around. She too knows soooo much about the bible and is constantly whipping out scripture off the top of her head and I love that. She prays with me everytime after her hair appointment...sometimes for me, sometimes for her, sometimes for people we know...but always prayer. She will do it right in front of the next client that is waiting and has even sang me a hymnn once in front of a complete stranger because she knew I needed to hear that joyful noise. She is BURSTING with God's goodness. She and her husband are such disciples of God. Claiming and spreading the good news every chance they get. They even came over and had a little jam session with us with her husband and my husband playing guitars and singing praise songs a few days before Luke's surgery. She lent me mulitple books, videos, and shared so many scriptures during my time of need. She is a walking Jesus Freak and she is absoultly infectious to be around. She makes me a better person and in many many ways and has increased my realationship with Christ over the years. I am so blessed by her and love her bunches!
I am overwhelmed with the amount of Christian people in my life that help encourage me all the time. I pray that I can be a blessing like that to people as well. I am soooo thankful for these people I mentioned and for the people I didn't. It wasn't until now that I really realized how blessed I am having the encouragement I do. I am making a commitment right here and now to try to be more like each and everyone of these people and to "live out" the gospel the way they have in my life!!

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  1. You beat us to it this week, and I kind of love that. :) It's so nice to have a third in our weekly Bible-study thingy as you called it. Haha! Hopefully we'll continue to have more and have to do the link-ups again in the future. And you are so blessed to have so many great accountability partners in your life and I am sure you are the same to many others whether you realize it or not. I can see your love for Christ and for others through every post. Love you!