Saturday, August 22, 2015

Incase you were wondering....

I just wanted to let y’all know that we made it through the first week of school.

Maybe I am looking for words of affirmation because, as you know, this is no small feat.

As I told you in a previous post...

KINDERGARDEN had me a wreck!! I had read and recorded lots of scripture to speak over Lane, about Lane and for Lane...but it wasn't until I spoke scripture to myself, for myself, that things started to change! 

Someone gave me a great scripture and it really spoke to me(and even to the boys as I used what I needed for their memory verse for the week and know it blessed them too!) 

Psalm 28:7 The LORD is my strength and my sheild, my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.

 You know what part is the best.... the end of that verse...
"my heart trusts in Him and I AM (Not need to be but I am already) helped!!"

 Day after day of reading that along with other scriptures I got to a new place…
I almost felt like I just needed to 
tear. the. bandaid. off. 
and get to the next step 
because the anticipation of it all had been so much!
 I felt The Lord calming me and saying that I may had just conquered the worst part……worrying

about how it all was going to go…

stewing, praying, not sleeping, crying, overthinking, drowning in sadness, etc etc etc! 

I just prayed that night before that I would be at the finish line in the morning instead of the starting line of grief! Even though tears that I knew would be shed and were (I had a burst out couldn’t talk cry that morning at the gym when someone said….you ready for today?! And then just a few little more tearsbut not nearly as bad as it could have been) I felt this crazy strength that morning inside me…it was His grace wave after wave washing over me and I’m just praying that those
waves will continue each and every day!!!

So let me back up a little bit to the few days before kindergarten. Like I said in my earlier post...Matt had the entire week off! Whoo hoo!! I am SO grateful! 

Monday he had a little alone time with Lane! He went and worked out and then came home to take Lane to the dentist (to get a crack in his tooth fixed!) then he invited his mom to meet him and Lane at our favorite little deli and have lunch together! Lane loved it so much! That special time with daddy and all that extra love from grandma made him feel on top of the world! (Doesn't Lane look so much like his grandma?! I hear that all the time! And it is so true! My hubby and Lane and my mother in law all have the same colic in their hairline too! Isn't that random!? I love little similarities like that so much! But my favorite thing that all three of them share is their smile!!! It goes straight across their faces and is just the best!!)

And then to top it all off just him and daddy went to the dam after lunch to watch boats together which he loved! AND they got two barges to honk which was like basically equivalent to going to Disney world in his little eyes! It was adorable and a great day for them!

The next day we got up and went to this Oregon splash pad that one of my best friends told us about! We have always wanted to try it and figured what better way to send out the summer than to spend it splashing around in water! 
We. Had. A. Blast!! First off the drive to Oregon is beautiful and one of our favorite roads to drive on. The trees are so beautiful and so is the water. The boys just love it too! Secondly it was free!!!! And on top of all that it was perfect weather! The park wasn't  too big or too small. It was just right for us and the ages of our kids but would be super fun for older ones too. Not only did they have a few great and amazing water areas, they had a great playground equipment right next to it that they could play on! Bathrooms and a pavilion right by and lots of grass with umbrellas too.  It was gorgeous weather and just so much fun!! Matt and I could sit and relax while the kids played (besides keeping Lyric safe on the equipment of course!) it was great. And of course our hearts were bursting watching how happy they were!! 
I packed a lunch just incase they got hungry and I'm glad that I did! At 1045 they were asking for lunch.  Lol! We stayed almost 2 full hours and left. They actually ate in the car on our way back towards home because we were looking for a place to go out to eat in Oregon but couldn't find one that sounded good or wasn't common.  We headed towards Dixon and the boys wanted to stop at the veterans park and see the Jets and helicopter and they loved it so much! By that time Matt and I were starving so we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings and we ate lunch there and just ordered the boys some cinnamon bites and ice cream for dessert. Luke of course had fries and ketchup instead of dessert! (Lane has no desire for fries what so ever! But he loved the dessert! Luke how ever could eat a whole order of fries and almost did! Lol) Lyric loves all the tvs and commotion in that place and he too was enjoying bites of everything available.  (Little crumb dog) We then headed home and all took a long amazing nap! 

It was such a great day!!! I am so thankful we had that awesome day right before school started and I was soaking up as many "morning" hugs and kisses as I could get in!!  

So The first day of school...
It was the coldest day of the summer that day so surprisingly Lane wore jeans! 

His sun kissed happy face, and sun bleached shaggy blonde hair, and his new blue shirt had me and my hubby just melting!! And on top of all that cuteness he told us he wanted to be a farmer when he grew up so he could drive tractors and take care of animals when he grows up! Lol! So not what I thought! The kid does love tractors and animals but they aren't top of his normal list of excitement and imaginary play! And the tractors are often played with a tad less than the trains ans trucks and construction equipment! Never the less it was an adorable shocked and we adored taking his picture and our picture with him!! 

This picture makes me cry because I can just feel the love they have for each other looking at it. 

The best daddy, leader, encourager, teacher, and fun loving guy a kid could ask for!! 

The most blessed mommy on earth!(In my opinion 😉)

After dropping him off we went to get some coffee, our amazing sister in law offered to watch our little two so we could take him by ourselves, so we headed to get some coffee and breakfast (and bring her and my niece and nephew some for when we picked them up too!) It was a tall order of sadness with a side of pride and adoration! I'm so glad I got that short time to sit and stew with my hubby for A few minutes about what just happened!  While he was at school that first day (and each day to come) it was so quiet at home. Luke was so quiet and calm. Matt kept saying that's because we broke the band up! (So true!!) I don't think Luke was sad persay but he defiantly wasn't as rambunctious. (Which we all know Lane is a quiet instigator for Luke. Lane basically calls the shots...Luke do this Luke don't do that! It's a bitter sweet thing but I must say he has probably saved him more often than caused trouble. But Lane defiantly is the brains behind the crime most of the time!) And Luke really gets a bad rap for being the wilder sillier one but in reality he really is a calm kid away from his brothers! Like I truley think he will be a quiet kid in school.  And I do think he really did miss Lane! We all did! At one point I was putting clothes away in Lane and Lyric's room (again they share because #1& #2 in know way can calm their excited hearts together to go to bed!) and my hubby sighs loudly and says "it's. Too. Quiet." And I said I know baby and he says "I need to go back to work this is awful...I gotta work to take my mind off of this...I feel so bad for you and how it's going to be on Monday!" Ummmmm yessss dear I feel bad for me too! Lol! And I so get what he was saying and appreciate that he knows and understands the struggle!! (I think the boys and I will have to leave the house and go do something Monday!) 

We were biting at the bit to go and get him from school. We were so excited to pick him up. While he was gone the eye doctor called and told us his glasses were in. So we hurried from school over to Clinton to get them! And since the first day was an early out I packed his lunch in his school lunch box and he got to eat it in the car on the way over!

 He loved that!! 

After getting his glasses and many attempts to get them to sit right under his hair...we decided to cut his hair. We LOVE LOVE LOVE his hair long but with all the adjusting with his new glasses we did not want him to have to try so hard to get them to fit. It was even hard for me to pull all the hairs out and look just right as it was. 

Soooo on the first day of school (a huge deal in itself) our beautiful son went from long hair and no glasses, to short hair and glasses!
I love it both ways!! 

And can I just say....Lane is THEE best! Like no troubles going to school, listening, getting ready, going to bed, remembering the rules about his glasses, getting his haircut, etc etc etc! He was and is just down right obedient and truly wants to make me and Matt happy and we do NOT go one second taking it for granted! 
He is so amazing and WE ARE SO BLESSED!!! 
He has always and still does adapt amazingly!! 
He is meticulous and tedious and has cared so great for his glasses!! 

We had one lazy type morning while he was at school, one productive morning, and one fun morning where we rode our bikes out to the park and swang with the little two for a while! 

I'm not sure how I would have handled it all with out the presence of my amazing hubs but I have to much as we missed him...

wait...honesty alert...

We did drive by the school play ground each day in hopes to see him out at recess....

The first few days truly wasn't quiet as torturous as I anticipated it to be (wave after wave after wave His grave was enough for us!) 

The second day of kindergarten we decided to take some "new" first day of school pics since the transformation was remarkable! 

He is just so cute! Oh and on the third day of kindergarten as we were getting ready to get in the car he said 

"MOOMM wait!!! What about taking my picture??" how could I say no to that??? Lol! So here is day three! 

Tomorrow is day four. And a full week of school for Lane. He is only a half day student but does get to eat lunch there and he is so excited to bring his lunch in his new lunch box since last week we had him eat hot lunch to get use to that! 

Again I just have to say one more time...I am soooo grateful that my hubs had the week off!!! 

He is just soooo wonderful in every way!! 

And I'm even more thankful for an awesome God that loves me unconditionally, that inspite of my faults and failures, is constantly providing for me all that I need!! 

Even the strength to become a school mom!! 


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