Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summer recap 2015

Well I figure I better get started on this post today that way I will probably finish it in two weeks since there is a lot of ground to cover! I don't want to leave out any awesome parts to our amazing summer recap!! 

I have been taking a break from social media(Facebook and Instagram) the past few weeks and plan to continue until Lane starts KINDERGARDEN! I felt like I was using it more often than I use to(and should) and while I most DEFIANLTY find it as such a benefit to stay connected with family and friends, find awesome encouragement through Great people and Christian sites, stay informed on events, get great resources for recipes, share photos, or even just get a good laugh...I felt like I needed to put myself in check over it! I use to only check it when my kids were napping or after they were in bed unless it was a quick pic post but it seemed as though I was checking it throughout the day if I had a free moment instead of using that free 15 seconds or 5 minutes better! PLUS my son is going to KINDERGARDEN and I knew that I definitely would not regret taking a vacation from distraction and spend every extra moment loving on him, looking at him, taking his picture, or just being in his presence those extra moments I was looking down. I am beyond thankful I have been a stay at home mom these past 5 years and truly haven't missed anything and now...I am about to be a mom that daily has to miss
 her son! 
I knew I wouldn't regret taking a break from it and I have learned so much! I have a fresh perspective on important things! And not because I took things for granted or spent countless hours on it each day ignoring my kids because that is absolutely the farthest thing from the truth, and not because someone told me too or because I was completing a challenge or a church fast (which are all good things) but because I wanted to experience it myself for my reasons and purpose!! 
I have throughly enjoyed every extra second...even if it was honking my arms and tiny semi trucks or diesel trains, or even baking more, getting more organized around the house, or really watching a movie with them instead of checking my phone while they did! I have enjoyed these extra moments beyond what I could ever explain!! 

So let's start the recap!! 
We started the month off with a perfect report from Luke's plastic surgeon at his annual check up!!(There is a previous post on this blog if you want more details!!) Here we are in Chicago after his Dr. Appointment!

We spent MANY(almost every) morning on our deck having breakfast(and lunch lots of dinners, snacks, and so on!) I probably have 50 pics of the boys being cute on our deck from this summer!!l

We didn't make it to a ton but the boys LOVED watching their big cousins play baseball and it was baseball nation at our house to start the summer off because of it! Lots and lots of hit balls in the back yard this summer! Lane started t-ball too and did awesome! So fun watching him learn and improve all summer long!

and here is littlest brother watching from the deck!! 

Lyric got his first owie:( He actually didn't cry hard at all! I was playing fetch with Louie with his tennis ball and Lyric loves to throw it to him...well Lyric started to walk away and I had the ball in my hand and our overly excited dog whipped around and knocked him right over! He tried to catch himself with his hands but smoked his forehead on our concrete patio! My poor precious sir! Looked way worse than it actually was! Here it is shortly after it happened! 

One of our favorite days of the whole summer was Union Pacific family days! It is always such a blast and the boys are in heaven the whole time!

Swimming was one of thee best parts of the whole year! I wrote a seperate post on the blog about why! Here is our first summer pool pic of the year and I think I have 500 more! Lol! Love their happy wet faces and just can't resist! 

Backyard swimming was equally as great and we did it daily! Morning, afternoon, and night!! 

We got Lukie a scooter(Lane got one in the spring for his birthday) and He does great on it! Rides around the block and on the park paths have been so much fun for our big two boys this year! 

What else says summer besides hosting a garage sale and lemonade stand?! Here we are! 

Our beautiful and amazing nephew Cohen turned 3!! What a fun party!! 

Can't forget all the not so fun stuff...well baby check up and shots for Lyric! He has a great support system!

Even though we know they are far from being able to mow the yard... a very patient daddy always lets them learn and help!

This was Lanes first day of t-ball...he got put on the Orioles and had so much fun! 

Our town did something new this year called "Touch a Truck" at a local church! It was awesome to say the least!! Happiest boys ever!!

We had a great Father's Day for the greatest daddy there is!! 

Bible school was amazing! It was Luke's first year and he loved it!! And Matt and I both helped in the first grade class room and were in the play at the end of the week!! 

One of my best friends came home from Las Vegas that week too and we had SO much fun with her and her beautiful girls Carrigan and Bianca! So hard to pic what picture to share because there was so many good moments, play dates, mommy night out, birthday party etc...

The boys Christian preschool had a petting zoo on the last day of kids blast that was great! They did an hour and a half of kids blast three Wednesday mornings in June! 

And I spent those minutes snuggling my sweet baby Lyric!! 

Lane's first t-ball game!!
We had MULTIPLE frogs that Lane tried to house and survive this summer! This one's name was cutie pie! He lasted the longest! Died a painful death being left on the blazing sun of his cozy couple truck bed though! Poor thing!! 

What's summer without lots of icecream and frozen yogurt trips!?!?

I took the boys to the sawmill museum one day with one of my best friends and her sister and all their kids!! It was great! 

June(well the whole summer really) had many of these moments! Towels and or pjs post pool/sprinkler time! 

We actually started July off with a date night!! Woot woot!! We had one the last week of May and I don't think we got to take one at all in June. 
Here we are on our way to the quad cities! It is always so so amazing to get some time with just each other! I loved everything minute!! 

After a lot of overtime for Matt in June we decided to stay home and just hang as a family on the 4th! My sister and brother in law and nephew came for a super fun cookout at our house that night!
The boys LOVE to play at the park and we go to at least one park a few times a week! We went to Rockwood a lot this month and had quite a few picnics there!! 

Can't forget the low key moments of just playing semis at home! Those are just as special! 

And of course walks walk and MORE walks! We walk daily! Sometimes just around town, often to a park, and a couple times I let Lane ride his scooter or bike next to me as I walked the little two on the stroller! 99%of the time I wear Lyric and push the big two(and bring the dog! lol!!) It's quite a show and I love it and them so much! We have the best talks on our walks!! 

Oh and occasionally I wear Luke...he is under the weight limit and it doesn't hurt but I DEFIANLTY prefer Lyric on my back for long walks. 

One of my favorite pictures at the park!! Such happy brothers who love each other so so much!! I am one blessed mommy!! 

I took this picture of Luke after a hard fun day of playing while he napped! Love his dirty sleepy naptime face! Such good naps especially in the summer!! 

We took the boys to the I80 truck show(and our nephew too!!) it was a rainy day but so worth getting wet! They loved it!! 

This was just one random July Sunday morning before church...I just love their different expressions here!! 

Another playing at home moment (milestone) I want to be sure to remember...Lyric trying to drive his car on the counter like his big brothers!! 

We have been working this summer with Lane on how to tie his shoes! He doesn't have it yet but he is getting closer!!
My three little fish!! 
Then the very next time Luke decided to ditch the life jacket! So proud of them both! Lane loves going underwater and looking around too!! And Lyric is the most chill water baby ever! He will sit over an hour in the raft before wanting out! Love him so! 

We met Poppy and Cohen down at the 4H fair one morning  too!! I love this picture of my dad with his grandsons!

This was probably the best morning of the whole summer...Lane woke up around 515 (he usually walks up by 6-630 at the very latest! 545 isn't that odd for him) but that day was too early I told him to climb in our bed and shut his eyes...he fell right to sleep and slept next to me until Luke woke up at 6am! He looked so beautiful! None of our boys ever sleep with us so it was super unexpected that he fell back to sleep and sooo amazing! Usually in the mornings they snuggle in bed with us, act silly, watch tv, or the iPad but sleep!? Not ever! I am so glad I snapped a picture of this memory!! 

Just a week day picnic and duck feeding with momma at Rockwood park! I always sing to them "just me and my boys just me and my boys"!!

Lyric learned to climb up onto Lane's bed this month and he LOVES IT!! 

And his brothers love it too! They love wrestling already! Yikes!! 

Lyric turned 17 months old in July!! Hard to believe it! He is growing up so fast!! And is soooo amazing!! They all are!!

Our beautiful niece turned 3 on July 27th and we got to go swimming with her that morning! The boys loved swimming with their cousins and we loved spending part of the day with the birthday girl!! She is just thee best!! 

The next day my mom took us and my sister and her son to Crystal Lake in rockfalls! The boys LOVED the "beach"!! Ammy made it so special for the boys buying them new sand toys and yummy snacks! Well they didn't leave the water but they did enjoy the snacks on the way home and the toys in their sandbox a ton! It was an awesome summer memory I will never forget! They talk about it non stop!

My dad and brother in law Jason spent one morning with the big boys teaching them how to pick corn at a friends farm! They loved every single second!! Their excitement before and after was so priceless!! And we loved the sweet corn! 

Even though we spend 95% of our time outside in the summer we do save a little time for doing crafts!

These boys love to "go to work!" Always mommy "can we play construction site!"

One of my favorite post pool pics...I wish Lyric would have been looking too! 

On the last day in July we did put the kids to bed and then went out for two hours while my mom sat here while they slept to wish our good friend a happy 30th birthday at her party at A pizza place called Manny's! It was a quick night that hardly serviced as a date but even 10 minutes feels like a date sometimes so the little bit of time was amazing! (Summer nights! 8pm and it was still super light out!) 

1st-was one of THEE best days of the summer!! Started with Lane's last Tball game and him getting the cutest medal that he was SOOOO excited for!

Followed by a mommy and son date for me and Lane! We went to a back to school blast that had a scavenger hunt, games, prizes, and so much more!! Then we went to the park, had ice cream, saw semi's and watched trains! ALL of his favorite things to do! He kept saying this is so fun mom, and just me and my girl! I could barely keep it together! The funniest thing he said was after a mile long scooter ride he says "whew mom I'm getting sweat(not sweaty) wanna go get some ice cream?" Like son...did u just ask me out on a mini date?! And how cute is "getting sweat" lol!! Here is a few pics of the day! I am so in love with this child(and his little brothers!) and I am beyond grateful for any alone time I get with each one!! 

And while this may seem a little random here is a picture of my amazing hubby playing at church one Sunday this summer! I am so thankful for Him and all he does and I LOVE that He is a musician and that he plays for our church and I love this picture I snapped and I especially LOOOVVEE him!!

My mom and I went school shopping for Lane one night in the Quad Cities and had the best time! She spoiled him with so much stuff and his favorite was his new back pack Ammy and Poopy bought him!! He was/is so excited!!! (One of the many heart stood still moments for me)

Oh and Luke and Lyric did not get left out of the deal! Lukie got some new shirts for preschool and all three got matching outfits and here is a picture of Luke with his new "mashems" I got him that night at target!!  I love his sweet happy face!! 

I never get tired of taking pictures of my summer boys maxed out in their big comfy chairs because it is so routine at our house! One show before we go read before naptime and bed time each day...and each day I can't help but pause and look at them(and usually take a pic because I merely can't help myself! They're just so amazing)

Here is Lane at his KINDERGARDEN physical at our pediatrician office! He is 4 FEET TALL exactly! Isn't that crazy!? Like his dad is 6 foot in 5 years he grew 4 whole feet but by the time he is 31 he could only grow approximately 2 more feet!?! It's so true how they say you develop the most from the ages 0-5! Oh and he was 45lbs of pure perfection! 

Each morning this summer we have done "bible time" at breakfast. Each boy gets a bible (they usually want the big ones...mine and daddy's) and we open it to whatever chapter we are reading out of and Lane is always like where's my name mommy!? Lol! Sorry bud your name isn't in the bible and we have read out of the book of Luke a lot! Anyways and we read a short bible story...they always want to hear about Jonah and the whale, and especially Goliath, or Jesus calming the water! We have a great book with childrens bible stories in it that is two pages and asks one question at the end and has pictures! Perfect for their attention span! Trying to instill in them to pause in the mornings and spend time in God's word before we start the day! 

Daddy got to take the big boys up to the firestation one night this summer and Uncle Nate let them look all around and try on his clothes! They had a blast! They haven't stopped talking about it since!!! 

Here was Lane bright and early the next morning putting out fires!!

We had a great marching band going one day and the boys were so adorable!! And daddy was too!!

Lyric had his first big boy haircut and it is just waaayyy too much to handle! He is so amazing!! We can barely stand how adorable he is!!! 

We got to go see Papa Goose one Saturday and it was so wonderful! The boys love him so much and so do we!! They were such little angels and were totally spoiled by Papa and Jean!! 

Lyric officially adopted the name "crumb dog" or "crumb" or "crumby" because the kid just loves eating all the time!! Even spilled goldfish off the floor etc!! 

Our small group had a cookout one night and it was sooo much fun! They have the most amazing farm and the boys LOVED holding (and chasing) their chickens! 

Ammy and Poppy moved into their new house this summer the boys did a great job at helping during the move aka...breaking in the place!! 

Lane and Luke had their first night of tumbling last week and were so excited!! Here they are getting ready to go!

Here is crumb dog in the car waiting patiently eating his toes!!;)

Here is Lane at his backpack night! He is so big!! Our hearts were bursting with love and excitement for him and heavy with sadness at the same time!

There was so many doctor appointments to get ready for school! The boys did great at them! So much to expect three little boys to sit still and be quiet for so long but with lots of treats they really did power through more quiet than I expected!! 

Unfortunately Lane's eye doctor did not go as well as we thought it would. He has never shown any sign of any eye troubles what so ever and even a few weeks ago at his pediatrician appointment he read all the pictures and letters great and they said he looked good! Well after a two hour long appointment and through examination it turns out he has a very stong stigmatism! Focusing on things far away are very hard for him and I was shocked on how hard it was for him to read off that screen!! He also has a very large optic nerve...which isn't a bad thing and doesn't cause damage to his eyes or anything it just increases his risk for glaucoma when he is old. Matt has the same thing! Needless to say here he is trying on new frames! He does look super adorable and I know we will adjust to his new look and grow to be so in love with it but truly it is kind of hard for us to wrap our minds around him having glasses! Neither of us do(well Matt has occasional ones) but Lane's will be full time! And he is just going to look so different! I shed a few tears mainly because of all the change that has been happening up in here!!  But I am so incredibly thankful for how healthy and wonderfully made our precious boy is! I was quickly humbled after my tears!! 

Swimming with daddy is always so much fun!! 

I am so incredibly thankful for this summer! We cherished every single moment! And the best thing about the end of the summer is daddy has the whole last week off!! I am so grateful that he will get to be around for the first week of school!(not sure how I'd make it through with out him!! Lol! He really does make every hard thing better!!)  And we plan on doing a day trip and going to the fair of course too! 
I truly feel like I enjoyed all the amazing moments with my beautiful family even more than usual! My heart is so full!! 

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